My life as a traveler is no secret. As a big fan of weekend getaways, DIY travel and backpacking adventures, I’m always on the look out for flight sales, online booking promos and hotel deals. Most of the time, I’m asked about how do I afford to travel so much and go to amazing places? Well, consider yourself lucky as I dish out all the information you need with this 10 Money Savings Hacks for your next travel.

10 Money Savings Hacks For Your Next Travel

1. Early birds for the win! Book Early.

For the top money savings hacks, check out the available holiday schedule for next year as early as now. Those long weekends are a blessing to the working class, and this is your time to reflect, are you going to sleep through the long weekend or catch a flight to lounge at a beach and spend your precious time indulging in gastronomic adventures? Subscribe to your favorite airline announcements, so you will be the first to know when they drop their promos. I’m also letting you in a secret — ShopFest 2018 is happening soon. With all the travel and hotel deals conveniently put together in one place, you’ll have no excuse to get left behind.

2. Be flexible with your travel schedule.

A weekday flight is cheaper than weekend flights, this goes the same usually with red-eye flights cheaper compared to early flights. What we usually do is hopped into a red-eye flight on a Friday after work, and eventually arrive at the airport of our destination early. Will wait out at the airport until the local bus or train is running, and asked the hotel for early check in or at least keep our luggages so we can already explore the city. And we’re off to a very early start, money savings hack aced!

3. Compare Rates at different booking sites.

When you already got your tickets, the next step is choosing which hotel and travel deals fit your needs. It can be a little tricky and overwhelming especially if you have zero idea on what to do in your next destination. Lucky, there’s a travel festival happening soon, ShopFest, which list out awesome deals and promos from all the premier travel booking sites in a one-stop online shopping destination. All the travel deals you actually need to check out is in one booking site. Amazeballs.

4. Students and Seniors get discounts.

Don’t forget to bring in your ID. Most of the theme parks and tourist destinations offer massive discounts to locals, students, seniors and PWDs.

10 Money Savings Hacks For Your Next Travel

5. Travel on Off Peak Period.

In the Philippines, it’s usually the rainy season that is considered off peak period. We actually have 7,641 islands waiting for you and it’s not raining all over the country. Off-peak season means cheaper rates but I like the saying that ‘Rainy days at the beach is better than a sunny day at the office’.

6. Consider Changing your Mode of Transport.

One of our best money savings hacks in terms of transport is using the night bus. During our Japan travel last year, we took the night bus from Osaka to Tokyo that saves us half our budget considering we didn’t pay for accommodation, a bullet train or a plane to Tokyo. It’s comfortable while we sleep, and waking up to a brand new city, is just exhilarating.

10 Money Savings Hacks For Your Next Travel

7. Solo Travel or Family Travel?

The tourism industry provides plenty of option for all types of travelers. There is a rise of capsule hotels for solo or even family travelers. Staying in hostel is a nice place to meet fellow travelers, plus it’s cheaper. For family, consider getting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel to get the best bang of your money. It’s cheaper if you know where to look at.

8. Eat and shop local.

Try local food on a local market. Shop and support local merchants, instead of going to the mall. Interacting with the locals is a fun way to immersed yourself to experience a foreign’s culture.

10 Money Savings Hacks For Your Next Travel

9. Research is the key.

One of the regrets I have on my past travels is not doing my research of places I’m visiting for the first time. We’ve fell for money exchange scam in Bali and free tuktuk ride in Thailand. I feel that, had I done my readings prior to our travel, we could have avoided such misfortune.

10. Just go.

Travel while you’re able to do so. Don’t wait until your retirement. See the world in a different light, different altitude, different culture. Your ultimate money savings hacks is being able to do a low maintenance travel while you’re young and healthy with less baggage.

10 Money Savings Hacks For Your Next Travel


Travel is good for the soul. As you invest in time to level up your corporate game or just need a quick getaway to replenish your inspiration, going on your next travel destination need not be an expensive one that you can’t afford.

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