Amazing Thailand surely did exceed our amazing experience during our last visit. It’s a country filled with eclectic food, beautiful temples, lovely cafes, friendly locals, wonderful hidden spots, and more. With too many gorgeous places that were easy to find and too limited time, we wish we could fit more into our itinerary.

Our second trip to Bangkok was designed solely to go eat, get inspired, and take amazing photos at the most Instagrammable places in Bangkok. It’s not the usual touristy spots but is something fresh and fun to try out on your next visit.

Most Instagrammable Places in Bangkok

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Boutique Hotels

Bangkok’s cosmopolitan shopping district offers visitors a unique luxurious experience with the rise of modern and charming boutique hotels. There are plenty to choose from, but book early to get the best hotel deals in Bangkok.

We found a perfect deal on a 4-star hotel in the Silom area, a good location overlooking a great view of the city skyline. While Silom is known as the financial district by day, it transforms into a vibrant place to be at night. Hotelsa in Bangkok usually prides itself with exceptional service and easy access to the hundreds of shopping area in the city.

Most Instagrammable Places in Bangkok

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Hello Kitty Cafe

Starting the day right in a happy place with an adorably cute Hello Kitty breakfast set. You can’t miss their massively decorated pink store in a full-scale, three-level complex of Sanrio goodness located at the ground floor of Siam Square One. Get ready to swoon over the insanely cute interiors that don’t disappoint and a selection of dining, shopping, and spa experience in one roof.

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The food, although there are limited options, offers everything you’re craving and more. Everything is personalized from Instagram-worthy cappuccinos to Hello Kitty pancakes and other sweets.

Muang Boran, The Ancient City

When you’re pressed for time, the best place to see Bangkok’s famous temples in one place is the extensive display of life-size structures at The Ancient City. Head down to the South of Bangkok to Samut Prakan province and enter the gateway to Thailand’s Cultural Heritage.

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The largest open-air museum is home to miniatures and replicas that reflect the architectural craftsmanship of ancient Siam Kingdom. Visitors can indulge in the amazing architecture, arts, and religion in the 320-acre park. Rentals are available for golf carts, bicycles, and trams to help maximize your time.

Chocolate Ville

Dinner plans? Head to Bueng Kum District, located around 30-minutes away from the city and just at the outskirts of Bangkok. This is a whimsical little village that involves no chocolate but will welcome you in a European-themed lake house dining and park experience. This romantic dining destination is one of the most Instagrammable places in Bangkok. Chocolate Ville entry is free, so expect a bunch of tourists in the late afternoon. It’s a perfect way to cap off the night, however, as appetizing German pork knuckles and beer are served here!

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We hope we’ve got your Pinteresting and Instagram-worthy content covered. Let us know more places to check out when in Bangkok.

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