Japan is the land of the Endless Discovery. So many places to see, too little time. From food, people, nature, culture and more, it will make you fall deep into a spell of craving more endless adventures.  From our recent trip, I list down 10 Reasons to Visit Japan, there should be more but I’ll leave it up for you to discover them yourself.

10 reasons to visit japan | Weekend Haven

Have you ever been in a country where you feel absolutely appeased and when you leave, a certain culture shock welcomes you in another country? It happens to me for the first time. Japanese are generally courteous and I am smitten. When we moved to our next destination which is in the same continent and still Asia, I was startled when I shouldn’t be. The Asian culture becomes unfamiliar somehow. Well, Japan just raised the bar high.

1. Beautiful Gardens.

Japan is blessed with abundant nature. Even in winter, it looks absolutely stunning. There are free and paid parks. Shosei-en Garden is just 7 minutes by foot from Kyoto Station and boast a gorgeous landscape.

Shosei-en Garden

2. Go around town in Kimono and Yukata

This is the most fun experience for first timers in Japan. Wearing a traditional Japanese clothing all day and visiting historical and religious sites. Kimono Rentals are everywhere in Kyoto. Oh yes, this is the first step in cultural immersion. A little apprehensive in going around dressed in costume? No worries, if you’re in Kyoto, most tourists go around in full style to visit Japan spots.

3. Everything kawaii  in Japan including the Train / Bus Card

You got to give it to Japan for making everything so cute. This ICOCA card is one of the few options to choose from including an Astroboy ICOCA card.  This card can be use on railways and buses.

Hello Kitty ICOCA Card

4. Relive the moments of Memoirs of a Geisha

If you were a fan of Arthur Golden’s book or Steven Spielberg’s produced movie, Memoirs of a Geisha, then a visit to Gion, Kyoto is a must. Catch a rare sightings of the exquisitely dressed Geikos (Geisha) and Maikos (apprentice Geisha) on their way to their dinner engagements. They are professional entertainers, who goes under tedious trainings to be one.

Geisha Sighting in Gion Kyoto

5. The Golden Temple.

Hands down the most gorgeous temple I ever visited and seen with my own eyes is Kinkaku-ji Temple. This marvelous photo wouldn’t even do justice at how breathtaking this World heritage temple stood amidst it’s lush garden.

6. Send your prayers to the Gods. 

Make a wish or write your prayers at the Ema or prayers wooden planks at any shinto shrines or temples you visit. The planks vary on each location, from classics to cool ones like this found in Fushimi Inari shrine.

Make a Wish.

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7. Discover the Best Takoyaki in Town

Right at the Dotonbori area is an assortment of the best takoyaki in Osaka. This is probably the secret of survival of Glico Running Man all these years.

Best Takoyaki in Japan

8. Japanese Onsen.

Your life is not complete without experiencing the best bath in the whole universe. Onsens are hot spring bath that are commonly enjoyed outdoors especially when you visit Japan. They are usually away from the city for a reason, soak in to calm your body, mind and spirit.

Takaragawa Onsen Onsenkaku Japan

9. Japan Purikura or Photo Booths

You will love Japan photo booths! They are extremely fun to use, because, you’ll end up laughing the whole time for not understanding any instructions on the screen.

Visit Japan Photo Booth

10. Japanese Sake and Kobe beef!

A match made in Japan heaven. Kampai for the best pair in town. Kobe beef is the most prized Wagyu in the world. And we can taste why, it melts in the mouth. Yum.

Visit Japan, A Match Made in Kobe Beef and Sake


We hope these pictures get you pumped up to really consider your next holiday in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or other Japan prefectures. Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu.