Zoobic Safari is the only Tiger Safari located in the heart of Zoobic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines. A 25-hectare land full of diverse exotic animals.

I remember I was going through a rough week of work overload, so when my balikbayan Aunt & her husband invited me to join them to a road trip in Subic, I didn’t think twice and meet them early the following day.

We fetch my grandparents, 2 cousins and my Uncle’s girlfriend. My aunt’s husband on the wheels. At 6 o’ clock in the morning we were cruising the road going north.

At half past 8, we made a stop at Shell Station in NLEX Bulacan to have breakfast. We just ordered coffee from Jollibee since were still full from the bread & spam we ate inside the car.

We then continued our journey to Subic. NSubic Mapo one knew the current way going to Subic, so we had to rely on signages.

Directions going there:

We passed through North Luzon Expressway and took the exit at Dau going to SCTEX (Subic – Clark – Tarlac Expressway). This is by far, the most  convenient and efficient way to go to Subic Bay Freeport, Central Techno Park in Tarlac and Special Economic Zone in Zambales and Pampanga. The four lane road and the country’s longest expressway is worth bragging.

We passed through quite a number of toll gates, I lost count on how much the total toll fees cost.

We just followed the long and winding road, and voila, welcome to Subic.

Be aware though that driving in this area is under the compelling traffic rules of America. Do not even attempt to try Manila driving here or you’ll have tons of violations before you get your butt back to where you came from. =P

The signage going to Zoobic Safari are not much of a help inside Subic. The quest to finding it is quite challenging. We were told to just follow the signage which was supposed to be just few meters away or should be in every block. Mind you, there were times that we think we’re lost inside the forest, because we can’t find the next signage. Where to go? Left, Right, Up, back?

Zoobic Safari Group Tour

Finally, we found the entrance of Zoobic Safari at past 10 AM.

It was burning hot outside.I know its not good to visit the zoo in this time of the year because it just adds up to the animals’ burden. Who would want to entertain people at this weather, right?

Entrance Fee is P395 per pax which is valid for a visit at Zoobic Park, Serpentarium, Rodent World, Aeta’s Trail, MuZooeum, Tiger Safari Ride, Savannah and more.

We had a close encounter with tigers, ostrich, Ferret, Camels and lots of  crocodiles. I can’t remember all the animals we’ve seen, but most of them were resting. The place looked dull during Summer.

We hopped into a Safari Jeep for tiger feeding. Our guide said that earlier that morning, one tiger even bite the tire of one of their jeepneys. And the passengers have to wait inside for at least an hour before getting off the ride.

We enjoyed the Aeta’s tribal dance. Very talented, I must say.

We also had a good view of how many arsenals are scattered within the area.

Here is our random photos. Enjoy!

We were stinking by the time we  finished the tour at half past 1 PM and headed to Chowking for lunch.

We were back in Manila early and spent the rest of the day at my Aunt’s & Uncle’s condo.

Family Weekend is priceless.

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