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Strangers & Scammers in Kuta

Ubud was warm, friendly and peaceful. The seamless serenity and the breathtaking backdrop serves to be a perfect retreat for our mind, body and soul. Kuta is the total opposite. The lively streets are extremely brimming with tourists, bars and retail shops. Where strangers abound and surfers set off to sunset paradise.

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Bali: Island of a Thousand Temples

A Balinese holiday isn’t complete without a visit to any of the thousand temples spread around the island. Inspiration rifts through the ornate walls of this artists’ colony and infuses art in every intricate details of handmade structures. In Bali, there can never be too many temples, and I’m smitten.

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Enchanting Beauty of Panglao Island

Our journey to Bohol is one for the books. It felt surreal to live in this country and that Bohol is something to be proud of. From the starfishes to Philippine Tarsiers to the beautiful beaches and the rich natural treasures, Chocolate Hills and old churches. We haven’t seen everything yet. We were travelers and on tourist foot. This town has more to offer and it is worthy to get back and discover more. See you again…

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