Sleepless in Java, Indonesia

We may run, walk, stumble, drive, or fly,
but let us never lost sight of the reason for the journey,
or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way.

From wandering around Borobudur Temple, we continued the day to a short trip at a Batik Shop, then headed to Prambanan Temple. The heat didn’t spare us with exhaustion and by the time we reached our car service, Mr. Haven Hunter and I immediately fell into slumber.

Craving for A Mid-Year Weekend Getaway

Something exceptional will happen in September, and I’m holding my breath to be a part of it.

South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) & Microtel Philippines are choosing eight lucky bloggers to join an all-expense paid travel to Boracay for a weekend of fun, recreation and relaxation.

Cebu Pacific Zero Fares!

Cebu Pacific Zero Fares are out for one day only! Hurry up and grab a seat to any of these local destinations. Wooah, this is better than Piso Fare, yes!

A Father’s Day Adventure

Do you always find yourself  at loss at what to give your father for Father’s Day? And later on, you end up giving a present that is unwanted or probably the same as what you planned for the past years?

Canada, US and UK as well as some Asian Countries already celebrated Father’s day last June 20 while Australia and New Zealand gets to celebrate it on September 5. It is for most family an integral bonding to honor our father and celebrate fatherhood.

Legazpi Sunday Market 5th Anniversary Celebration

We woke up to a weekend of good food at Legazpi Sunday Market 5th Anniversary Celebration. A diverse selection of goods ranging from specialty foods, fruits and vegetables, breads, organic products, gourmet items, fabrics, art pieces, plants and more.

Borobodur Temple : A Buddhist Art

We were optimistic about the weather and hopeful with our shoestring itinerary to Yogyakarta, the southern part of Central Java, Indonesia.  Continuing the first day of our Java Journeys, we met Rudy and Toto from Sosro Tours.

Lost in Jakarta, The Java Journeys

The further your journey takes you,
the more dangers you will encounter.
The more you dare, the more you win.

When Cebu Pacific had a promotional seat sale in November 2009, popularly known as Piso Fare, everyone went crazy, and even at a wee hours in the morning, I was cramming to get a seat for 2 to anywhere in Asia. Well, too bad I wasn’t alone as everyone must’ve been awake too, shopping for the very same ticket I’m eyeing for.

Weekend Photo #14 : Stone Bells

Borobudur Stupa, Java, Indonesia

{click image to display in full size}

Backpacking Indonesia Itinerary

Exploring strange new lands with just a backpack and a map in hand is beyond exciting and fun.  Here you’ll find the fundamental part of our adventure and what kept us busy for the last few weeks. Expect a lot of road trip stories and budget travel tips coming up.

Indonesia isn’t the world’s most popular route for independent travelers and backpackers, but surprise, we cannot underestimate the beauty of the road less traveled. And who can resist a $12 roundtrip air tickets for 2? Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s Piso fare, we got the most coveted airfare, that’s P544 in peso.

For the Love of Travel – Why I love Pacsafe

I have once wondered why some people make it their goal to see the world. Until, I realized I became one of them.

With so many beautiful islands to explore in the Philippines and abroad, traveling satisfies my craving to learn about others culture and dip into an ultimate leisure experience. Discovering places from one point to another, gives me a different high, of which I thought the travel bug bites even harder when I need to de-stress and get away for some time.

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