Come Fly with Me this Valentine’s

Wondering where to go this weekend? Searching for a unique getaway with your loved one on Valentine’s Day?

I’ll see you up there where everything flies.

Bulacan Ultimate Weekend Challenge II

Our stressed out soul longed for visual thrills and weekend frenzy. You can tell our inner nature seeker selves just got happy from this befitting adventure.

Day 2 of Bulacan Ultimate Weekend Challenge

Bulacan Ultimate Weekend Challenge I

We choose to go… not because it is easy,
but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to measure
and organize the best of our energies and skills,
because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept,
one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.
- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Instead of spending a lazy weekend at home, we challenged ourselves for some fun, extreme and action packed outdoor adventure.

The destination: Mt. Manalmon in Sitio Madlum, Barangay Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan

Invitation: Fun Climb Weekend

An invitation to one extreme weekend. Open to Everyone. Conquer your fears and join us in a fun-filled adventure  in scaling Manalmon – Madlum Caves in San Miguel, Bulacan.

Expect for a thrilling weekend and gain new friends. Some activities include Spelunking, Rappelling, Bouldering, Trekking, Camping, Crossing the Monkey Bridge, Water Rafting, Tubing and River crossing.

An Anniversary Retreat

A holiday getaway with husband during our 1st year Anniversary last December.

My last minute deal with AsiaTravel was a good steal in search of a 5 star hotel for our night’s stay.

Embracing the New Year, 2010

Manila, Philippines is where the Best & Longest Christmas Celebration is  happening. It is a wonderful season to share, shop and party! As early as September, radio stations play Christmas Carols on air. Shopping Centers get crowded. The glittering Christmas lights and spectacular decorations light up the street  until January. Kids and Young at heart  eagerly waits for Santa to fulfill their wishes. Christmas bonus brings happiness to everyone. Parties here and there.

Holiday Greetings!

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas & A Prosperous New Year!

♥valerie {your haven hunter}

Blue Sky and Lush Field

Whenever I feel down, a look beyond the blue sky lifts my spirit high.

Got My E-Passport

My new passport is here. Yay, time to rock the world!

I applied for my new passport in DFA last Nov. 27 for change status / last name and just hired 2Go Courier Service to claim it on my behalf and be delivered at our place. Talking about convenience.

Visiting Cebu Island

For me, a place unvisited is like an unrequited love.
A dull ache that – try as you might to think it away,
to convince yourself that she wasn’t the right country for you –
it just won’t leave you in peace.
–Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss

Our journey to Negros Island left us more energized. Our trip was not about to end though, as we cross another island in Visayas, the Queen of the South, Cebu.

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