Bursting with diverse arts, scenic landmarks, architecture, and an eclectic mix of cuisines, San Francisco is one compact city with a lot to offer. It’s also known for its chilly summer weather and fog, so get your jacket, camera, and itinerary ready before heading out to the Golden City. We’ve created an essential San Francisco travel packing list because we know that you need to get that perfect travel selfie while still keeping up with your budget, comfort level, and style.

1. Keep Up With Your Style

San Francisco Travel Packing List

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The average temperature in San Francisco is 12 degrees Celsius all year round, but the city can experience the occasional heat wave. Prepare for erratic weather, which can be foggy in the morning, sunny at noon, and freezing at night or not in that order.

Even if you are visiting in the summer, layers of clothing are a must. Pack a colorful scarf or a light jacket in case it gets windy. Bring out the sunny side and make your style pop even more against the gorgeous San Fran landscape. The key is to mix and match your pieces with layering. Pack some workout clothes, a cute bikini for the beach, some thermal wear, and a jacket to keep you warm.

2. Protect Yourself With Sunglasses and an Umbrella

Style away with aviators. After all, the California sun is bound to show up eventually. Keep a small umbrella on hand, as you’ll never know when a sunny day on Baker Beach will end up rainy an hour later.

3. Keep Your Feet Happy With Comfy Walking Shoes

San Francisco Travel Packing List

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Start exploring the city by foot. Good hiking shoes or comfy boots will get you to a lot of hidden gems in a day. Start off with the Little Italy neighborhood of San Francisco and the bustling bayside pier, where you can shop and dine. Your trip to Fisherman’s Wharf is not complete without salivating over cocktails and seafood delights next to the ocean views. Later on, hike up to Marshall’s Beach to take in the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge sunset.

4. Never Leave Any Gadgets Behind

Don’t forget your travel essentials or memory cards. After all, you’ll be in the Paris of the West. Ride the iconic cable cars and snap photos of the picturesque Painted Ladies in Alamo Square Park. Capture the art scene and celebrate the buskers, street artists, and musicians. For a dose of Asian culture in this part of the continent, head to the biggest Chinatown in the country for a colorful display of lanterns and pagodas all year round. Get lost in streets filled with dim sum joints and ornate temples.

5. Be a Master Planner

From lush greenery in the Japanese Tea Garden to the ferry to Alcatraz Island to the crookedest street in the world, prepare your itinerary beforehand to cover most of the charming spots in the city. Pick up a guide to San Francisco to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

We hope this guide helps you perfect your San Francisco travel packing list as you strut your way from the vibrant neighborhood of Union Square to Pier 39, where you can check out the “sea-lebrities.”

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