Let’s admit it, we have been on that situation where travel bragging is real just because #blessed #instalife #lifeofadventure. But do your friends a favour and let this guide be your bible on what to share and what nots in this cray cray social media world. Here are some life tips, trip hacks and travel musts to get you through your judging audience.

When the world is jealous of your jetsetting lifestyle they too have the right to only see your best photos and not your second-rate snaps.

How not to annoy friends and followers when traveling? Read and thank us later babe.

Rule 1 – Let us see the view. Sans your face which is probably blocking half of the photo. We get it, selfie stick is life but the trusty old tripod is still better or best yet, ask a stranger to get you in the right frame. Spare us the details of your pores but when you are in Paris, we need to see what’s good in Paris. We love #beautifuldestinations as well as if you can tell us a little something about your whereabouts. Sure, you can’t be just dropping by, took a photo and left without learning something new about your destination.

Beautifully crafted Thai architecture in the midst of the Ancient City.

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Rule 2 – Don’t post multiple photos of the same thing. Unless you want us to play Spot the difference. Specially if its only one angle of your face,  in the same location, or the same coffee you have this morning in a burst shot. Is it a millennials thing? Please, it’s breaking our heart that it’s a waste of Mark Zuckerberg’s company disk space.

Rule 3 – Find your best angle. Practice makes perfect. Unleash your inner diva, love your body and try on that brand new smile. Unless you can do yoga poses, try the basics first, face left, right, down, up, or turn back. Yes, most instagram stars and influential bloggers do practice in front of the mirror, which you should have done years ago too, so it won’t be as awkward as now. Break the monotony of a passport like photo on all your pictures and experiment. Afterall, it’s 2017 guys, and all your inspiration is within pinterest, snapchat and instagram reach. Google “Travel Selfie” and get inspired. If all else fails, you could master the walk away, not looking back pose.  At least it’s still easy on the eye to look at.


Rule 4 – Do take lots of photos but don’t post everything. Stop oversharing. Remember you also hate your friend for oversharing 20 photos every single day when she had her baby, making every breath a milestone. Not everyone have the luxury of an entire day to scroll on your 500+ photos of your trip to Maldives. Filter it out and pick only your best shots. Come on you can do better than that mediocre, shady, out of focus food porn you want to capture. We want swag.

Rule 5 – Photography & Video Apps! Best thing ever invented in this world. Use with caution, overdoing your filter may result to your friends not recognising you at all. Who is this oversized bunny going around Europe? Or why is it so dark in that photo, isn’t it Summer in the city?

My Macha Vanilla Ice Cream is better than yours. 🍦

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Rule 6 – Stop overusing #blessed #bosslife #luxurylifestyle. We knew it, you are and can’t stop bragging it.

Rule 7 – If you’re on a honeymoon, we don’t want to know the blow by blow details. No pun. We don’t want your every second update. Keep the fire burning and pay attention to whoever it is with you in the flesh rather than on your phone. #wecare and your life relationships shouldn’t suffer while you’re feeding all your followers with your almost perfect life. #respect.

Rule 8 – Calling out all your sponsors in every post. We get it, you have a fabulous vacation coming up and it’s all sponsored. But your faux-humbleness is a bit annoying, so maybe you can reformat your style. Like humble bragging, tag them and discreetly make some post about how they offer to help you out in your trip and not giving an over-euphoric feedback, coz you know it sounds fake.

Rule 9 – We still want to see you. Yes, despite bitching about how you like it with your face in every picture. We still want to see you. You see, if you only post pictures of that beautiful skyscraper, the perfectly manicured lush gardens, the beach sunset or the best sushi you’ve eaten, without you in any of them, we’ll begin to think you only grabbed these photos somewhere. We need proofs you know.

Rule 10 – Don’t mind us. Enjoy and go forth to your destination without the fear of getting judged. It’s the journey that counts and not the likes. It’s the wonderful experience you feel that matters and not the number of hearts you get. Let your true happiness flow within you, and it will reflect with the confines of what you share in social media.

This is just some of the observations I made, not particularly intended to any person so I do apologize if it may have hurt you. I, too, am guilty of some in the past and still trying to redeem myself. Maybe it’s high time to level up the game with the post-millenials bragging rights and travel snobs flashing on social media.