Home to one of Singapore’s best mountain bike trail and a go-to weekend adventure trip is Pulau Ubin. The last village in Singapore that is still preserved of urban development. No buildings, taxis and malls but a fair priced gastronomic heaven for seafood lovers!

Our crew consist of my husband’s colleagues. They just finished their company training and will start to work full time soon. To celebrate and unwind from all the pressure of the concrete jungle that is 10-minutes away, we took a bumboat from Changi Point to bring us to North East of Singapore’s last frontier.

We’re off to an early start, first day of 2012.

Welcome to Pulau Ubin

The jetty of Pulau Ubin

There’s a great deal of bike shops upon arrival at the town. Some villagers converted their home to shops to accommodate visitors. Rental price depends on the condition of the bike. You can also bring along your own bike to test the trails.

First stop is early lunch and Pulau Ubin food did not disappoint. While the city offers hefty price for seafood, in this island, one can enjoy cereal prawns, clams in chili sauce, fresh coconut juice and more at a bargain. They are freshly cooked too!

Dining at Pulau Ubin

Gastronomic pleasure! 

Bikes at Pulau Ubin

When it’s time to warm up our glutted selves, we hopped in to our rented bikes. Upon setting out, it was already drizzling. Nothing can dampen our high spirits though, we continued to bike until heavy rain befall upon us, washing out all the misery. Some hate it, but we absolutely enjoyed it. Have you ever bike under the rain? We reached our first pit stop soaking wet.

The ragged Tree trail terrain, lush vegetation and rich wildlife of  Pulau Ubin, makes a great throwback to what has been the classic Singapore.

Wild boars at Pulau Ubin Be careful of the free roaming wild boars.

Reaching the end of the bike trail, we walk further to our next stop ,Chek Jawa Visitor Centre. A charming Tudor-style cottage that was built in 1930s as a holiday retreat with a fireplace that has been restored and was designated a Conservation Building.

Chek Jawa Visitor Center

Pulau Ubin New Year

Another highlight of this weekend adventure is traversing over 1 kilometre of Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk and Mangrove loop. A stunning place for an afternoon stroll or to watch the sunset. Because of the immense richness of the ecosystem, plans for the development of Chek Jawa have been deferred for the time being.

Sunset at Pulau Ubin

 Sunset at Chek Jawa Wetlands

Chek Jawa Coastal Boardwalk

The name Pulau Ubin is a translation of “Granite Island” in Malay. It was once a source of living for the local settlers in 1960s. The abandoned granite quarrying site is now a picturesque view of glassy lake, filled with deep turquoise water.

Balai Quarry Lake

Balai Quarry Lake

Amazing how a short trip can do. We were back to the urban jungle by night time feeling refreshed and energized and ready to take another challenge.

Cycling in the Rain at Pulau Ubin

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