Trapped in an unpredictable weather for days, we finally made it to our Island Hopping tour off the coast of El Nido. One can never get tired of exploring any of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines and feasting the best of Pinoy street food.

Another off the road challenge when in Palawan is visiting El Nido’s best kept secret. The unadulterated, undisturbed, absolutely stunning and utterly peaceful twin beach of Nacpan & Calitang.

Nacpan Calitang Beach El Nido

Palawan’s best kept secret. Sexiest Beach in town.

On our last day before heading back to Manila, we decided to check out this off the beaten track paradise. Bring on the bucket list, ’tis the highlight of our getaway!

A four-wheel off-road vehicle was not an option to us, we are cheapskates like that so we bargained with some tricycle drivers for the best price of a half-day trip. We have no idea how bad the road was until we get there.

Nacpan Calitang Tricycle

Nacpan Beach Muddy Road

The Muddy Terrain and our 3-wheel drive. Obstacle Course. More Fun in the Philippines. 

Since it has been raining a lot lately, some parts of the road are not passable with our 3-wheel drive.  But that wouldn’t stop us, we are ready to get rough and dirty at all cost. I wish it was drizzling though, it’s more fun to walk in the rain, muddy and all, rather than under the sun in a scorching heat.

Muddy Road to Nacpan Beach

Getting rough and dirty. We are.

After more than an hour of battling the obstacle course, we finally reach this tropical destination! As if we didn’t get enough of our island-hopping adventure a day before, this beach is OURS. Well, just for the day when the long stretch of powdery soft sands as far as the eyes can see, don’t have much guests to entertain. We’ve only seen a couple of foreigners and five local kids playing around. No hotels, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, clubs and even campers around. It’s nice to get lost in this island once in a while, to experience tranquillity at it’s best.

Nacpan Beach in El Nido

El Nido Twin Beach

When universe conspires, priceless.

We reached by the damaged breakwater. The photo above is part of Nacpan Beach, taken from the breakwater focal point, it is of the left side. The hill at the center is where we did a little trekking to  take photo of the twin beach. It’s about 3 kilometers away from the breakwater.

Twin Beach El Nido

From the hill, we bask in the glory of this awesome creation. The twin beach on both sides of the island, Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach. At low tide and during monsoon season, the beach on the right is scattered with seaweeds. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful sight. And there is more to see, a third-party in this love affair, the cliff on the other side of the beach.

Paradise found!

I would love you all the day, every night we would kiss and play,
if with me you’d fondly stray, over the hills and far away.
~ John Gray

We trek back to the breakwater, secretly wishing that the solitude within this place remains forever, away from the chaos of upscale constructions and developments.

Twin Beach El Nido

 Right side of the beach from the breakwater focal point

Wishing that ten years from now, we can still have moments to call this our own beach.

Thanks to Flip for sharing this awesome wonderland.

Hidden Paradise Twin Beach of El Nido, Palawan

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