In and Around Siargao, we hitched on bikes to delve in a truly authentic suburban Siargao experience. We went into 3 different Catholic churches, wet markets, ktv places and ports. Endure the rugged terrain from the town of Burgos to Dapa to General Luna via rented jeepney.


Reminiscing it now gives me chill with how wicked our trip was. From delayed flights, bad weather, tsunami scare to eventually overspending on our set travel budget. What if’s run through my mind. I could be either sitting around the office and counting  productivity, plan for a Valentine dinner or fancy some London theatre breaks. Budget airlines, makes it hard to resist to temptation that is, cheap airfare tickets.

’till summer comes around
’til it comes around and it comes around.
-keith urban

Back in Siargao, rainy season on a month of March. What?! Aren’t we chasing summer in this whole trip. There you go, no nice toned, six pack abs, deliciously hot surfer boys. I can’t move on.

Siargao Philippines OUTTAKES

To cover for our called off seafaring expedition,  we made plans to chase the sunset at the General Luna port instead, not so far away from Cloud 9. Best place to go when the tide is low to just chill out to the sound of the waves, stroll on the powdery sand and feel the salty air on your skin. I see people collecting shells, dogs playing around in those shallow waters. The twilight looks absolutely amazing.


The board walk wreckage of the old port. I can sit here watching the sea and the sky all day.

The port is now lined up with KTVs and eating places, providing sanctuary to beer deprived tourists and locals alike.

On our last day, we met a friendly German guy who lives in town for about half a year and counting. He likes how Siargao is so small yet not congested. No big malls, fancy clubs and theatre breaks. An escape from the buzzing city, indeed. He runs a small diving shop. I envy him for living his dreams.

He took us to the airport with his friend who’s in the same flight as ours. Couple of hours and an almost impassable (notorious on rainy days) road later, we’re finally checking in for our flight back to Manila, via Cebu.

Another stumbling block hit us. The crazy weather condition delayed our plane for four hours and only one flight per day flies directly to and from Siargao.  I came to a realization that this destination can give Batanes a run for its money. I wouldn’t actually care being trapped in the island, if not only that we still are employed and we have commitments to attend to.

Cebu Pacific didn’t gave us any assurance if our flight will pushed through. It will all depend on the weather, else we have a choice to take the boat to Surigao and take our flight from there. Which isn’t really a very tempting alternative after what we went through the past days.

We met a guy who flew all the way from England. He visited his girlfriend’s family in Surigao and maximized his itinerary by doing a side trip to Siargao. We stayed at the same resort and he got us acquainted with his German friend. He endured the hassle of waiting and risking connecting flights too among hundred others including korean surfers and mostly participants from the recently held Siargao Game Fishing tournament.

I made arrangement to skip my flight to Manila and transfer to a direct flight to Singapore from Cebu instead. Better than hitting a snag and going to all the inconvenience of delayed flights again.

After four hours and so, finally we’re boarding.

Maybe this year, I would choose a less risky alternative. Considering that we don’t have the luxury of time, a long vacation is out of the list. All the more reason to ask the mister to check out amazing musicals and stage productions instead, like Wicked, Mamma Mia! or even Cirque du Soleil. Hmmm,  theatre breaks in london is not bad, yes? :) Although, I wouldn’t mind getting trapped in Batanes anytime soon.