Misfortune is never mournful to the soul that accepts it;
for such do always see that every cloud is an angel’s face.
~Lydia M. Child

This is a continuation to the epic tsunami scare which spiced up our journey to Southern Philippines.

Contrary to the anticipated sleepless night, I had a good night sleep. A bit weird though for passing out in such a dangerous state. We were already resolved that if it happens to chase us and ruin our perfectly planned holiday, then be it. Although, I still felt relieved to hear the rushing waves off a few feet away from our front porch the next morning.

The night before we discussed with Marcos our intent to rent a boat to explore Sohoton Cave and other stunning islands nearby. He generously offered help on finding one, but given the current weather, we are doomed to just settle to explore the town by land. Marcos gave us an option to ride the morning jeep to Dapa town proper. From there, we can haggle on a habal habal ride (modified motorcycle) to Gen. Luna port. We’ll shoot for luck if there are any boat trips going to Bucas Grande by then. We pictured a dragging whole day trip and heaps of hassle off and back to Burgos without renting a private vehicle seeing that public transport offers only a limited schedule.

Surfer Chic Wannabee

the surfer chic wannabee – up and ready to catch some *hot surfer dudes* rawwwr

At past 5 AM, the jeepney was still nowhere in sight, we then decided to walk further and visit the nearby church.

While being lost in a morning mist and complete serenity, we talked about our gameplan for the next days. We can’t stay here for long since our main goal in visiting the island is to hop on a boat to Sohoton Cove. We decided that the only easy way is rent a private jeep and transfer to General Luna which should have been our basecamp from the very start.

We walk back to our little hut after a short visit to the church. Our host, Marcos agreed to refund our deposit.

Marcos of Marcos at Burgos Resort

As if the misadventure is haunting me, I checked my mobile mail to see that some serious work flaw needs my urgent attention. Bad, bad, bad. I didn’t brought my laptop as I knew there aren’t any reliable internet connection on the island. Needless to say, the festive mood turned into 360 degrees nightmare.

We decided to rent the same jeepney that brought us to Burgos. This trip is veering away from our usual backpacker budget as it gets more and more expensive.

Scorching heat on a mid-summer day. The rough road is as bad as in Burgos.

We arrived at Island Dream Resort after an almost 4 hours exhausting commute. The place is amazing with a hefty price tag too. I can’t believe that such paradise exist in an almost non-existent paved road. It’s still beach front property with private swimming pool and a number pf villas and deluxe rooms. Since it’s hubby’s special day, I gave in on getting one of their luxury honeymoon suites.

Island Dream Resort Siargao the poshest cottage in town! custom made tub is a winner. ♥

Private Jacuzzi at Island Dream Resortbathtub for two or three or four, put in some friends, soothing music and cocktails for blissful memories ♥

Just what I needed most, they offer free wi-fi! The staff were super friendly. They let me use the reception’s desktop pc to do my business for an hour or two.

After we settled everything, it’s time to switch back to holiday mood. We hailed a habal habal to take us to the famed Cloud 9 board walk.

walk all the way to the end of the wooden bridge to get the best view of the world-famous surf break

Cloud 9 Surf BreakWhere have all the hot surfer dudes and sexy washboard abs gone? Total fail. :cry:

I take it that this isn’t a good time to surf. This Surfing capital of Asia is best to visit during the months of July to November. Siargao hosts Annual International Surfing competition. The “Cloud Nine” is perhaps the most renowned surf break while there is also Siargao High Waves which measures 10 – 15 feet high. Wow.

Even at an off-peak season, a lot of foreign visitors flocked the area. Some even staying for month-long or more. When I had the chance to ask a friendly german diver about how is he coping up with living in the island for 6 months already, he answered that he likes the simple life that Siargao offers. The community is so small that everyone knew each other. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lucky him, he found a perfect home away from home.

He’s one in a hundred reasons to move in Siargao right now. hotness!

The weather has changed dramatically with no signs of tsunami or even heavy rains. We are off to an amazing Bucas Grande adventure next!

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