After a devastating two days of bumming around, finally we’re off to test the waters of Siargao sans tsunami scare mishaps.

Enchanting Sohoton Cove and Bucas Grande Islands

Sohoton Cove Slogan:
Here you will find peace: serenity of the mind, simplicity of the heart and tranquility of the soul

Our kind host at Island Dream Resort promised  a day of wicked adventure as he arranged our service boat. Being haunted with the previous day frenzy, I still have anxiety attack on braving the wild waves.

Sailing on rough weather is not my cup of tea. Although the sky is clear, I know that somehow the 2 hours boat ride might encounter a rough turn. It was reassuring to know that our boatmen grew up in this small island and anything unusual they would know. So there, four people aboard and an adventure waiting to happen.

sohoton cove surigao

stunning display of islets on aquamarine water

Did I mention, it was my husband’s birthday? The resort’s in-house restaurant prepared food that they perfectly put together for our breakfast and lunch in a pretty picnic basket. Sweet.

At 7 AM, we were off to Bucas Grande Island for an early morning tour.

bucas grande island surigao

Contrary to my fears, there were no violent waves harassing our idyllic journey. We lost count on the natural islets dotting our tropical  destination and whether to cross it off from the 7,107 islands in the Philippines.

bucas grande island surigao

Tranquility Indeed!

A change in temperature is evident when we finally reached the entrance to the hidden Sohoton Cove.

Soothing to the eyes, the lucid waters seemed colder and transformed into deep turquoise. Corals and fishes are almost visible to see. We felt lucky to have reached this tropical paradise.

sohoton cove surigao

enchanting waters

Sohoton Cove is part of Bucas Grande Islands located in the town of Socorro. To get there, one can rent a boat from Surigao City or in the town of General Luna, Siargao Island.

While waiting for the tourism officer to get there (he sails  everyday to get to his office! how cool is that! ), we spoiled ourselves with our filipino breakfast. There were tables and chairs for dining, but nowhere to buy any food or drinks. A reminder to guests, travelers, backpackers and everyone who visits this place, please let’s keep this paradise as beautiful as it is. Take as much trash when you leave. Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

On our way to Sohoton Cove. See how Mother Nature blessed this paradise with richness

We paid P930.00 for boat rental, tour guides (x3) and docking fees. When everything was settled, we transferred to a smaller boat.

The cave entrance and exit point to Sohoton Cove is half-submerged in water, thus it’s only accessible on low-tide. We have to wear hard hats and duck down to avoid being knocked off by the low ceiling.

The cave entrance to Sohoton Cove. Watch your head!

It’s exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It opens up into another stunning lagoon with more surreal landscapes.

Dagongdong Sohoton Cove
Dawongdong Wall or Dagongdong? Perhaps next time, we’ll try kayaking here.

First Stop: Hagukan Cave. The name is derived from the word haguk, a local term for snore. Our guide told us that during high tide when the waters splashed through the walls, it makes a snoring sound. Sounds creepy.

Oh No! Do we really have to go in there?

Growing up in the Philippines where nice beaches abound, it’s a shame that me and my other half don’t know how to swim. I know. I can float though, but I think that’s not even counted.

Our ever efficient and encouraging guides has ways to persuade us. Rather than missing this once in a lifetime experience, we gave in to this dare. No life jackets on.

To get inside the submerged cave we have to go underwater for about 2.5 meters stretch. It opens up to a small, dark cavern with a nice display of stalactites. There’s a piece of large rock inside to stand on while your guide points the light to the rock formations accenting the ceiling.

Second Stop: Magkukuob Cave

As if we have enough of a surprisingly extreme day, this one makes it to the highlight. Further to the entrance, our guide pointed out a wooden plank hanging about 16 feet above the water.

I think I have rather a long list of fears, heights and deep water included.

iJump. iFly. iDive.

Magkukuob Cave just like Hagukan has low opening. But this time, one can wade to get inside as there is enough space to stick out your head. Just watched out for sharp rocks.

The small cavern is adorned with rich stalactites and stalagmites. The temperature quickly dropped and seconds later, I’m already freezing.

We have to climb up to the exit, and there it is, the jump board inviting us to take a plunge on this natural wonder.

I haven’t dive in a pool, moreso an open water before. And our guide won’t let me use  a life jacket. I think I lost my soul there for a  moment. The water is more than 15 feet deep.

Reminder: If you don’t know how to swim or dive, trust your guide. they will find a way!

I wish they will allow visitors to visit Sohoton Cove in an extended period. We want to take in as much serenity of the place but the guides warn us about the danger on the cave entrance on high-tide. But they do this even when you come in early morning? Why hurry?

It only took us less than 2 hours to explore the place, then we’re off to the no-sting jellyfish sanctuary or also called Tojoman lagoon. Palau is well known for their jellyfish lake, well we have one for the books too!

Luck isn’t on our side as no brown stingless jellyfish were playing around. I hear they come out on certain season. Seen a white one instead.

Best to go March – May when you’re up to snorkel with stingless jellyfish.

We head back to the tourism office and switch boat to  proceed to our next stop: Pansukian or Naked Island.

Naked Island is a 200 meters stretch of sand bar, stripped off with trees or shelter.  The sparkling water and white sand beach makes you want to forget time.

naked island siargao

finding solitude in Naked Island

Sometimes the sky belongs to me
And wraps me in infinity
Sometimes it turns the other way
And hides itself in clouds of gray
-Elizabeth Santos

Naked Island Surigao

she sells sea shells by the sea shore. and oh the tan lines of invisible shorts.

We spent enough time taking as much photos on this beautiful naked island. Amidst our journey back to our resort, we braved the heavy rain, still we were able to reached the island safely.

What else to see in Siargao? And the risk of being stranded in the island, find out on my next post!

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