Palm tree’s ocean breeze,
lets go crusin you and me
salty air sun kissed hair,
endless summer take me there

This is Part 1 of Our Siargao Getaway.

I must have mistaken the early warnings of nature with Cebu Pacific’s lack of competency when my red-eye flight was delayed by 2 hours. The grounds being technical difficulties and bad weather. I have a feeling that this isn’t going to be an easy travel even if I packed light.

I’m bored and I can feel another sleepless night brewing at Changi Airport budget terminal. Crossing fingers that I’ll make it to my connecting flight for Manila-Cebu at 7 AM.

How can I manage to sleep if I am being entertained by stunning views like this? Somewhere near the Island of Siargao. I’m not sure if it is Surigao or Dinagat Island.

The good news is that I will be flying with the same airline company on 3 connecting flights: Singapore – Manila – Cebu – Siargao. Then I don’t have to worry if I missed any of my flight since they’ll arrange for a seating on the next schedule. Bad news is that I don’t really want missing any flights whenever ‘coz that will ruin such precious time on a short getaway.

My flight map: 4 airports in less than 8 hours.

To make the long story short, I made it to Manila, just 20 minutes before departure of the Cebu bound plane.

I barely made it to our flight. Mind you i had to run from end to end of NAIA terminal 3 airport, from arrival to departure area. I haven’t even breathe Manila’s familiar smell, as I hear my name being announce for the last passengers call. I was the last one to board the plane, albeit not so late, but just in time. I saw my husband already seated near the front row.

Maayong Buntag Cebu!

Quick brekkie at Mactan International Airport before our next flight.

We transferred to a smaller plane with only around 50 passengers. It’s a bit scary for a first time, not to mention, our first experience to fly with a lady pilot too. I must admit I was uneasy the whole time, praying we’ll be landing safely to our destination. How to relax, if the propeller is just outside my window? Not bad for the first encounter except for a rough landing which everyone on the plane will agree.

I guess to alleviate my whole experience with Cebu Pacific this time, I won a trivia game on board and got this blue pouch. I answered Backstreet Boys =} Not too long ago, I also won a Cebu Pacific tumbler.

Touchdown in Siargao, a province in Surigao Del Norte, an island located in Mindanao Region. The home of the largest intact mangrove forest reserves in the Philippines.

We were fetched with a jeepney arranged by our host. It was supposed to be a private van, but I don’t know what happened. Anyways, we love the rough roads, and we still prefer jeepney over van.

As expected with this countryside tour, ours was a bumpy ride that deserves a flat tire. Uso din dito ang top load. You can actually ride on the roof, if it’s full inside. But with this unforgiving sun, I wouldn’t dare.

Our first destination is small town of Burgos, northeastern part of Siargao Island. It was a loooooong ride though with a scenic view along the way. It’s amazing to see a lot of authentic bahay kubo (nipa hut) and peek of the Pacific Ocean from the rocky coastline.

I let my hubby take charge of this trip so he made prior arrangement for our accommodation and drawing up our itinerary.

We met our host, Marcos, who owns Marcos at Burgos resort. He has 4 cottages for rent nestled in front of a world class surf spots. We love our own nipa hut with porch. I can almost taste the sea. Err, have to catch up some zzzs first and recharge before exploring the whole town.

We woke up with a late but hearty lunch made by Marcos wife.

This is paradise away from stress. You know I can sit here the whole day and daydream or maybe look for some starfish, which always perks me up on beach trips. Can you find me?

Enough of our little cozy place. It’s time to get out. We rented a ‘habal-habal‘ or a modified motorcycle that sits more than 2 people. You’ll be surprised how much it can carry. This is the only available public transport in the island, unless you want to wait for the jeepney that mostly carry passengers only 3x a day, early morning, late morning, and afternoon.

We negotiated to bring us to the port at the far end of the town where we found these hidden gems smiling at us. Playful and carefree, these Surigaonon kids will make you wish to be young again.

This is the real dilemma. Devastating. We found out a powerful earthquake and tsunami strucked Japan that morning and Surigao Island being in the front row of Pacific Ocean is under threat too. We have no idea, we have a hitchhiker in tow. A tsunami warning that rocked the whole community.

When in Siargao, do what Surigaonon do. Evacuate!