To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel
is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time,
to be in a position in which almost nothing
is so familiar it is taken for granted.
~ Bill Bryson

A visit to Thailand  isn’t complete without a trip to  a floating market. Escape to an exciting showcase of local custom,  rustic atmosphere and colorful ambiance.

Thailand’s most famous floating market is the vibrant Bangkok Floating Market or  Damnoen Saduak located in Ratchaburi Province. It’s around 105 kilometers away from the bustling city. Despite it’s distance, tourists and vendors alike flock the massive market catering everything from exotic food to fresh fruits to great bargains.

Thailand’s exotic food or not. I dare not to get near this stall.

We only have half a day to spare and the travel time to Damnoen Saduak will take away long hours of our time. Pursuing travel means we have to take a package tour, else burden ourselves and get lost with the blurry sketches on going there.   So, we checked out a nearby alternative that’s easier to navigate. You know we always do an off the beaten path exploration and itching DIO (do-it-ourselves) rather than taking a package tour.

Amphawa Floating Market it is!

After our early shopping at Platinum Mall and Pratunam Area, we checked out from Old Charm House by lunch time. Our host offered to keep our luggages until our flight that evening. We then hurried to catch the skytrain to  Victory Monument.

How to get there:

1. Ride the skytrain and get off at Victory Monument.

2. Find the bus terminal and hop on to a van going to Amphawa. Fare is around 70 baht per pax. Make sure to *tell the driver or operator that you’re getting off at Amphawa Floating Market. Get an interpreter if you must. =P

3. Enjoy the scenic landscape or sleep for about 2 hours.

The hard rain made us worry if we’ll get there on time, we can only hope that it wouldn’t ruin our last minute tour. Travel time is around 2 hours. We got lost initially since our driver wasn’t aware that we are getting off at Amphawa Floating Market. We *missed our stop. Good thing  he arranged for our transfer at another van going  back to the same direction.

Getting lost is part of the fun. I know Iphone maps has made my life easier now, but I’ll still prefer to get lost and take all the adventure I can, most of the time. teehee!

Amphawa Floating Market is open on weekends from 12 noon onwards. Perfect for the late risers! Enjoy good food, local music and busy friendly atmosphere. There are also boat tours to nearby wats.

The canal is filled with small boats maneuvering for the best place to sell  goods. It’s totally chaotic, especially when you see how they fit a lot of stuff into such small space. Slightly larger boats carry passengers for a fee.

Too bad we can’t stay long enough, the least we could do is try native delicacies and sweets like this yummy ice kacang.

Needless to say, our short visit requires a comeback. I hope soon. We can probably try a cruise to the river. Or husband will volunteer to taste spiders. lol.

Going back, we were greeted with heavy traffic. We raced to get our luggages from our host and head straight to the airport for our midnight flight. A bit crazy sked but we made it! :)