Alice came to a fork in the road.
“Which road do I take?” she asked.
“Where do you want to go?” responded the Cheshire cat.
“I don’t know,” Alice answered.
“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”

~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Did I mention we are crazy over Cebu Pacific’s seat sale?

November 2009 was an ordinary month until the Zero fare came out.  Everyone went mad, and booked tickets around Asia, even if the travel date entails almost 10 months of waiting. Everyone including us.

We got our tickets from Clark to Bangkok for only P544 for 4 persons. Wooah, not kidding. It’s the cheapest airfare ever next to our Indonesia flight. We scored Bangkok to Manila tickets at P803.00 per person. Not bad either. I wonder when can I chanced upon sale tickets to Paris, Greece, New Zealand, and the like?


Call me Alice and I am in Wonderland. Sa-wat-dee.

Fast forward to August 2010, 9 months later.We were supposed to go on a foursome adventure. Yay, did that sound so unwholesome? But our couple friend had to back out for family matters. So it’s just Mr. and Mrs. HavenHunter and our Thai Adventure ahead.

With our last minute changes in Backpacking Bangkok itinerary, booking our accommodations and researching the best budget friendly routes to our destinations during the next 3 days, I was surprised I still had an energy to burn on the next days.

Availed the Philtranco bus in Pasay bound to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark. It was the last trip for the day at 2:30 PM. It made a stop at the Megamall terminal to picked up more passengers. Aircon Bus Fare is P350.00.

We reached the Airport at 5 PM. We were kind of early for our 8:45 flight, but we do have a plan B, if we could only check in our luggage instantly and leave. Unfortunately the gate opens at 6 PM. We found ourselves killing some time by A. shoot aircrafts and CESSNA planes, B. doing my make-up, C. facebooking, D. Dinner at the Airport.

We paid the terminal fee at P600  each and travel tax at P1,620 each. Cebu Pacific flight was earlier than expected. I’m loving them more and more.

Three hours of smooth flight aboard the budget carrier. We landed safely at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok one hour before midnight. One thing we learned about this trip is to listen closely to the flight attendant when announcing which gate to exit for luggage retrieval, especially if the Airport is as huge as Hong Kong, Dubai and Bangkok.

Me and the Mister heard different thing so we were unsure which way to go. I urge him to go to Gate 14, after a quick sweep at the first gates, and finding out that our fellow passengers weren’t there. Oh dear, so jealous of those westerners who have really long legs that they were out of sight in an instant.

The encounter with the Immigration Officer was unusual. No questions asked. What a breeze.

Suvarnabhumi (pronounced “Su-Wana-Poom”) means “The Golden Land” is located  30 kilometers East of Bangkok at the Samut Prakan Province.

After retrieving our bags, we went one floor down to the taxi area. We made reservations at the Old Charm Guesthouse, a recommendation from Nina of Just Wandering. I have the address down in Thai, so I gave it to the lady and she explained it to our taxi driver. We paid 485 baht including the toll fees and airport fees + tip  for the metered taxi.

I’m dying to have these clays. I promise to take you home next time. Teehee.

We initially thought of staying around Khao San Road, known as backpackers area where cheap hotels, inns and hostels are located. But my inner thoughts get the better of me, that I sometime get sick of staying in worn out hostels.

I’m longing for a good, clean, comfortable and peaceful vacation home this time. Even if our itinerary will make it to the Amazing Race cut, I wanted to feel  some laid back moment after our a busy day out.

My kind of Morning in Bangkok

The Old Charm Hostel is located near Ratchatewi BTS Skytrain. It’s  very convenient, especially because we need the train to get around the city for the next 3 days.

Minnie welcomed us at her office. She’s lovely and accommodating and despite our late check in, she showed us around the hostel. Our room is the first one of the three rooms by-the- pond. It is air conditioned with glass doors fronting the lily pond. I am instantly smitten by the giant lily pads, errr… victoria lotus!

Our cozy room. We even have a breakfast nook.

The  restroom is common and that we share with the other guests.There is a bar on the same compound as the guesthouse. The Tree House bar is jam packed with hip young Thais every night. If you want to have a drink or two, there’s no need to go far.

On the Bedside: Giant Yakult (not in photo) and Bacardi Breezer in Strawberry we bought at 7-eleven store.

We can’t afford staying in a fancy hotel or a bed and breakfast Inns, if it weren’t off peak season. This is the closest we can get, since we were able to avail the August Promotion: Stay 1 Night, Get another 1 night for Free! and Booking with shock rates : 990 baht for by the pond room. Our total bill is just 2,190 baht for 3 nights! Ah, this really is a relaxing paradise amidst the bustling city of Bangkok.

This quaint hostel truly offers serenity. They have 2 Buddha suites with it’s own bathroom. A swing chair at the front porch is a great addition if one wants to spend an entire day to lounge.  There’s also a prayer room for Buddhist.

One thing we love about our accommodation is  it’s closeness to nature. The frogs croaking at night, the sounds of the crickets and the birds. We were more than happy that we are in the city yet it felt like we were hundred miles away, beyond the mountains, camping.