2nd day of our Indonesia – Central Java leg.

We prepared ourselves early and decided to have breakfast at Mc Donalds in Malioboro Street. Seriously, we need to stop eating at this fast food chain. Although, I can’t risk my appetite to any food stalls that day, as I am foreseeing a very long journey ahead of us on the road.

Trishaw or Becaks are a popular transportation in Yogyakarta. Here they lined up along the street and wait for passengers to carry to the nearby destinations. We dropped by at Mulia Exchange to change our last bills for the trip. Oh gosh, you can call me Señora Valeria for the day. Mind you, tourists are one day millionaire here.

Can you tell from the look on my face how overwhelmed I was? That smug look vanished an hour later when we had to pay the balance for the tour. lol.

We went around Malioboro to look for souvenirs as early as 8 in the morning.  But stores are close until 9 or 10. We haven’t bought anything except for the Raissa Batik the other day. =(

Went back and checked out from Rejeki Homestay at 9 in the morning and headed to Sosro Tours for the 9:15 pick-up. Here are some travelers going on a Bromo Tour as well.

We boarded the van with two couples from Germany, one couple from Austria and two girls from Poland. Everyone is raving about the latest football match, and I can’t relate.

Ten of us cramped on a roomy van but the aircon is an epic fail. Either it was too hot outside or it can’t cope up with 11 sweating people. Regardless, I had napped several times during the trip.

They are the usual motorists around Central and East Java. We enjoyed  a sight of Mount Merapi and a lot of rice paddies.

We even caught the train in East Java which got into an accident prior that day. Now, we were worried on how to commute going to Jakarta the next day or is it ever safe to travel this way? The night-sleeper train is our only option  and were hoping there is an alternative trails, than book an expensive flight to the city.

Our super long journey to nowhere finally stopped at a local restaurant.  We had lunch at 2 in the afternoon, I was dizzy and starving. We tried Nasi Goreng and Nasi Campur. It was tasteful and we love it! We ordered Mi Goreng, to-go for our dinner just in case.

We then continued the road trip and had another stop for bathroom break at half past 5 in the afternoon.

It was already 9 in the evening when we reached the town of Probolinggo. We had to go down to register and attend a short briefing for the schedule of Bromo Sunrise Tour and those who will continue their trip to Ijen. Everyone was given another ticket, I didn’t notice that they put the assigned accommodation on the ticket until we reached Cemoro Lawang. Contrary to what our agent told us, we were given a different hotel.

The good thing is that we already paid in for our whole trip which costs IDR 700,000 inclusive of One night stay at hotel, Jeep to Pananjakan  and Mt. Bromo Crater, Breakfast and Van transfer to Surabaya.

Some tourists were not able to book for the 4×4 jeep and paid a lot more at the registration area.

At the briefing, we were told about the pick up time the next day and what we should expect. We’ll go through a 15 minutes trek to the viewing deck or if we’ll choose to go on foot from the hotel, we must get up at least 2 o’clock in the morning to start the trek.

Probolinggo has a number of hotels and inns. If you plan to check in here, most hotels can arrange for Bromo and Ijen tours. It is one and a half hour away from the village of Cemoro Lawang, the closest point to Mt. Bromo.

At Last, we reached our accommodation after 14 hours on the road. The hotel was different from what we have been promised. It was Cemarah Indah Hotel that Ruly showed us if I remember correctly. But I was so dizzy at that moment, I didn’t realized we were dropped off to another hotel. Hotel Sion View.

It was okay, but to quote the other guests, it isn’t a hotel. It’s a backpackers area. The room is basic, with a not so clean toilet. It was good enough that hot water is available.

Here’s me and my memoirs of a lost million.

When we’re settled, we ate our packed dinner, Mi Goreng, then headed out to the Restaurant to have some coffee.

Lights off at half an hour past midnight.

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