It’s our first time in Thailand, so we decided to dig deeper into it’s heritage and wander around the country’s capital, Bangkok.

We only have 3 days to indulge with Thai’s culture, food and adventure, although I must admit that the Land of Smiles is worth coming back again and again. I never really said goodbye, because my intuition tells me that I’m going to see it again soon.

So many temples to check out in one day, and then there’s shopping. I’ll go crazy on both.

Tuesday Departure from Manila
1430 Bus from Philtranco Pasay to Clark Airport
1700 ETA Diosdado Macapagal Internal Airport Clark
2045 ETD Clark airport  – Bangkok
2300 ETA Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok
Airport to The Old Charm House (Ratchatewi)
Check-in Accommodation – By the pond
1st Day Wednesday
Prepare for Walking Tour (refer to temple dress code)
8:30 Skytrain to Saphan taksin
Walk down to the Central pier
Catch Orange Flag Express boats/ Chao Phraya River Express
Get off at Pier 9, Tha Chang, Grand Palace (15 minutes boat ride)
9:30 Walk 2-3 minutes to Grand Palace wall
Eat breakfast  at the market, from the pier
Amulet Market (Got lost and found Amulet Market)
10:30 Grand Palace
Wat Pra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)
Ride Tuktuk (our biggest mistake)
14:30 WAT Pho
16:00 The Giant Swing
16:30 Democracy Monument
Head to Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri (souvenir shopping)
Late Lunch
18:00 Mahakan Fort
Overlooking King Rama VIII Bridge
18:30 Ride Chao Phraya Express Boat going to Central Station
Take photos of Wat Arun by the river at Sunset
Skytrain Saphan taksin to Siam
Check out MBK & Siam Square
Dessert at Swensen’s
22:00 Skytrain Siam to Ratchatewi
2nd Day Thursday
8:30 Skytrain to On Nut Station
Taxi to Muang Boran
10:00 Muang Boran Ancient City, Thailand
Rent Golf Cart :
100 baht/ hour
13:30 Back to On Nut Station by taxi
Skytrain On Nut to Siam
Lunch / Shopping: Siam Paragon & Siam Center
Walk to Pratunam Area
12:00 Platinum Fashion Mall
Pratunam Wholesale Market
15:00 Pratunam Complex ( Buy Tamarind)
Pratunam Centre
Walk to Ratchatewi
Skytrain to Sala Daeng
Patpong Red Light District and Patpong Night Market
Silom MRT to Suan Lum Night Market
Skytrain to Ratchatewi
3rd Day Friday
9:00 Last minute shopping : Platinum Mall / Pratunam Area
12:30 Check-out at the Old Charm House, Deposit luggage
13:00 skytrain to Victory Monument
13:30 Amphawa Van
16:00 Amphawa floating market
Food trip at the floating market
17:30 Take van going back to victory monument
Bad Traffic.
Check out Chatuchak Market (but its close due to heavy rains as well as outside stalls in Pratunam Area)
21:30 Claim Luggages at Old Charm House
Taxi to Suvarnabhumi Airport
Saturday Arrival in Manila
0:40 ETD BKK to Manila
4:55 ETA NAIA 3

Our beautiful accommodation is a secret hideaway from the bustling city of Bangkok. It’s just a walking distance away from BTS Skytrain and Pratunam Area. I can’t wait to go back.

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Haven Hunter -Weekend Haven

  1. nina (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    Ang happy sa Old Charm no?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

      True. We’ll definitely go back. Sayang lang, they close the dorms na. Walang budget. I’m hoping they get more clients to sustain the whole place.Smile

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  5. rayanne (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    hi there…

    your blog is very informative esp since we’re also planning to use the mtr on most of our travels… i was hoping you could send me directions to amphawa floating market? is this different from teh damnoen floating market? and the expenses? tnx….

  6. rayanne (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    hi there again..

    tnx for the blogpost on amphawa floating market… btw, amphawa is near compared to damnoen saduak? like how far from bangkok….

    i hope you dont mind me asking too many queries since i find your blog very interesting due to the fact that youmake used of the mtr a lot… whch we planned on using as well..

    thnks hope 2 hear from you soon

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

      Hi Rayanne, I think in terms of travel time medyo same lang. But if you’re planning to go by yourselves without getting an agent or package tour, Amphawa is easily accessible via public transport. At Damnoen Saduak, if I remember correctly, you either have to take a skytrain, LRT and a cab or hop on or a private tour. Travel time to Amphawa is about 1.5 -2 hours (van from Victory Monument) depends on the traffic.

  7. rayanne (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    tnx for the info! Smile

  8. Bunny (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    Hi there!
    I found your blog so informative.very useful for me since I am going to Thailand couple of months from now.If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you spend for your 3-day vacay (just rough estimation) coz i don’t have any idea on how much should I bring.

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

      Hi Bunny,

      Thanks for reading Smile Roughly around 5k per person including accommodations, entrance fees and transport Smile

  9. Pika (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    Hi There, I will be going to bangkok on Saturday and this itinerary will definitely help me. I just have a question about transportation from Airport to hotel. Did you take the MTR at 11PM? Or did you take a cab?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

      Hi Pika, sorry I wasn’t able to reply immediately. When we went there last time, the MTR wasn’t operating yet, so we took the cab to our hotel. I remember paying an airport parking fee additional to the total fare. have fun in bangkok! Smile

  10. Rainbow (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    hi sir! your itinerary looks very helpful..magkano po angestimated budget (excluding hotel)? tsaka paano po ang conversion ng peso to baht?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

      Hi Rainbow, thanks for reading. We spent around 10k in total for the 3 days (excluding airfare) including accommodations, travel tax, terminal fees, shopping money.

  11. Rainbow (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    ma’am! im so sorry for calling you sir. my mistake Frown
    thanks so much for your response. one last thing po, hehe. papano po magpapapalit ng peso to THB? may direct po ba? i heard kailangan po dollars muna?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

      No worries Smile You can change Peso to THB at Thailand’s Airport. There are a lot of money changers when you exit the immigration. Have fun in Bangkok! Smile

  12. Marga (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    Hi, read your blog and wanted to know how much yung budget including accomodation and airfare for the three days for each person? thanks! hoping for your reply

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

      Hi Marga, we spent roughly 5k per person including accommodation, transport, food, etc., excluding airfares. We got the promo tickets from Cebu Pacific which costs us only P1,200 per person for a round-trip clark-bangkok-manila flight Smile

  13. Neoxclinke (Reply) on Saturday 28, 2010

    hey! I’ll be in Bangkok with my mum at the end of this month and I’m so happy I’ve found your itinerary post. We’ll try to follow your lead. ^___^

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