I have once wondered why some people make it their goal to see the world. Until, I realized I became one of them.

With so many beautiful islands to explore in the Philippines and abroad, traveling satisfies my craving to learn about others culture and dip into an ultimate leisure experience. Discovering places from one point to another, gives me a different high, of which I thought the travel bug bites even harder when I need to de-stress and get away for some time.

The passion for travel keeps on burning through the years. I feel the purpose to share my adventures with friends and let my stories be their source of inspiration, tips, guides and everything budget friendly.

Glad to say that I have reached a new level of perfection in organizing a holiday trip. Not that I am a master of the field because there’s so much room for improvement but I could turn our weekend adventure in as cozy as possible.

Now, traveling is an expensive hobby, well, only for a starter. You need to purchase few essentials like sturdy bags, cameras, shoes and more, but with proper investment, it can go a long, long mile. Among other things, this contributes to a successful travel.

I am most looking forward to invest on secured and functional gears. On our recent trip to Indonesia, I haven’t brought my laptop because we fear that it will be a risky choice since we will be on the road most of the time and the place where we will be staying is not a fancy five-star hotel which can provide the security and safety we need.

And the most unlucky event was that we’ve lost the tripod in the airport. Oh, sad, it haven’t even served its purpose yet.

This is why I am itching to buy a new backpack. Something durable and safe, where I can cram up all my valuables. Then, I heard about Pacsafe a few months ago which is popular for its slashproof, tamperproof and snatchproof security features. Not to mention, the sleek design which I love.

I have my eye on the VentureSafe 20L Adventure Daypack which is perfect for our upcoming outdoor adventures. It has 4 anti-theft features and is both lightweight and compact. Now, that is a one cool, ultimate travel accessory must-have!

Check out Pacsafe’s superior features:

  • eXomesh® Slashguard in front, side and bottom panels
  • Slashproof adjustable shoulder straps
  • Snatchproof shoulder strap allows the bag to anchor to a secure fixture
  • Tamperproof zippers
  • Zippered main compartment and front pocket
  • Side mesh fabric water bottle pockets
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps and sternum strap
  • Padded air mesh back support
  • Side compression straps

There are potential risks involve in traveling. It can happen from other countries and our own home too. What better way than to be prepared and be aware about our environment. With proper gear, chances of unfortunate events is unlikely to happen. We could have saved the tripod and taken awesome night landscapes and we could have brought our laptop to update our friends with photos direct from our travels. But it’s too late, we can just look forward to another globe-trotting soon. No matter how relax or cramped up our holiday is, we always look forward to the  life changing process.

We’ll be off to Bangkok next month and I’m hoping this time, I’ll have a new bag to don.

Have Bag, Will Travel,

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