Summer gets warmer with fabulous crew around. More about our adventures as we’ve plunged deeply into our Lakbay Norte Experience.

If you are interested on a budget travel to the North, hop in to read our Ilocos itinerary and check the customized 3 days adventure which covers cultural, historic and nature encounter at its best.

Day 1 covers Historical tour and Cultural exposure to Ilocanos Heritage.

Day 2 offers a different kind of fun. Summer, Sun, Sea and Sand. What more can we ask for?

Day 3 filled our hungry soul with authentic Batac Empanada, blast from the past to Juan Luna Shrine and unleashed the kid within us at Gov. Singson’s Baluarte.

So, what really happened on Day 2?

Day 2 : Sun Kissed!

Our day started early to catch up with the morning sky at Bangui Windmills. The “Wind Farm” is located at the shoreline facing South China Sea. This amazing structure is the biggest in Southeast Asia which consists of 15 wind turbines that generates 40% of power requirement of Ilocos Norte.

Notice the  towering size of each wind turbines.

The giant blades are stationary by the time we arrived. I think the mechanism is on a timer to simulate only in the  afternoon, like we we were able to catch on our previous visits.

Our 2nd destination is Blue Lagoon Cove,  Maira-Ira Beach in Pagudpud. It was once a secret destination, tucked away in the  hamlet of the northernmost tip of Luzon. My vague memory of this virgin beach consist of unspoiled powdery white sands, deep blue waters and soothing sea breeze that fills our mind only with nothingness. It is Boracay of the North, minus the heavy commercialization.

Four years ago, there were no accommodations available except to pitch tent by the beach front. No restrooms for the public and we had to ask permissions from the local to make use of their personal bathroom. No pushy souvenir sellers and only few people stroll the beach even on weekends.

Our visit surprised us with lots of major changes in this hidden paradise. Hotels and Home-stay now mushroomed within the vicinity. The price of everything sky-rocketed too. Oh well, so much for developments.

We settled for the shabby cottage where we  have the best location on hand at the center of the cove, we can either go to the left side of the beach stretch where all the hotel guests frolic under the sun or stroll on the right side, the less-traveled sand. The waves at Blue Lagoon get crazier at noon, so I would much prefer to lounge at the sea bed on the right side where the water is serene.

Rock the beach! Shoot here and there. Nikon and Canon are our new bffs.

Our lunch was heavenly. We have grilled fish and pork and all things luscious. Diet wasn’t on our vocabulary for the last days.

We have 4 hours to celebrate and be merry, swim and get a tan before we head to our next stop.

We were supposed to go to Ilocos – Cagayan Boundary Canopy but dark clouds signal a heavy downpour on that side of town, so we skipped it on our list. We hit the end of the long and winding road of Patapat bridge, and made a stop at Paraiso ni Anton (Anton’s Paradise). The Grotto of Mother Mary and the refreshing water coming from the mountain is said to be miraculous. Tourists and locals alike bring home a bottle or two for its healing power.

The northernmost road of Ilocos Norte is where the breathtaking Patapat Viaduct is located. This elevated concrete highway bridge is the window to Cagayan Valley Region. To it’s right is the lush Cordillera Mountain Range , and to it’s left is the scenic Pasaleng Bay. It’s the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines.

Further ahead to our next stop, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in the town of Burgos. This site is the newest addition to Ilocos tourist spots. Popular for it’s strangely shaped formation that is intricately created by nature through time.

The off-road adventure was quite long. Dusty rough road on summer and muddy on rainy days. I was losing hope that if we encounter flat tire any minute, it wouldn’t be worth it. Then, we reached the end towards the make-shift car park. We have to walk from this point forward. It’s only a few meters away from the coastline, and from an eyesight we can already view the awesome rock.

Check the first  photo on this post and see how massive this structure is. The waves crash against the boulder just a few feet below.

The trail by foot going to Kapurpurawan Rocks can be tricky. It isn’t advisable to go on a rainy season as sharp coral rocks bound the path. One slip and you’ll get yourself in serious emergency.

Finally, for our last stop and saving the best for sunset shoot, we headed  to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, still in Burgos town. The highest lighthouse and the oldest in the Philippines is located in the hill of Vigia de Nagparitan overlooking South China Sea.  It was constructed in 1892 and it is still operational with the addition of solar panels.

We truly enjoyed the weather and the company. As usual we were welcomed with a delicious dinner at home.

A heartwarming thanks to Andres family for adopting us during our Northern Luzon trip.

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