Get Ready for some Outdoor Challenge and an off-road adventure weekend to  Mount Pinatubo!

Promote healthy lifestyle and indulge in a  30-minute trek to dried-up river beds and lahar field. At the end of the journey, indulge your senses with a panoramic view of ash covered peaks and turquoise crater lake.

Sta Juliana in Capas, Tarlac is the gateway to our Mt. Pinatubo Day Trek Challenge. Being an active stratovolcano, it has been a popular destination to backpackers, foreigners and locals alike. But with the new developments in the area by Sta. Juliana Tourism Council, family and kids enjoy this challenge with an ease as well. 


02:00am : Assembly
02:30am : ETD to Capas, Tarlac
06:00am : ETA Tourism Office, Tarlac; Registration
06:30am : 4 x 4 Skyway Ride to jump off point
07:30am : Start of trek to crater: 30mins (might be shorter depending on the speed of participants)
08:15am : ETA crater; free-time, swim, explore, photo ops, boating
11:00nn : Early Lunch
01:00pm : ETD to jump off point (30-mins trek)
02:30pm : ETA jump off point; 4 x 4 ride back to Tourism Office
03:15pm : ETA Tourism Office; wash-up
04:15pm : ETD to Capas Shrine
04:30pm : Side trip to Capas Shrine (if time permits)
06:30pm : ETA Isdaan Restaurant/ Taksyapo
08:00pm : ETD Manila
10:00pm : ETA Manila (arrival time in manila may vary)

Minimum of 10


* Roundtrip Private Van Transfers
* 4×4 Vehicle to hiking trail (via skyway)
* Local Guide
* Conservation Fee
* Skyway toll fee
* Sidetrip to Capas Shrine (if time permits)

Lunch, Dinner

* Boat ride to crater – P350 each
(will take you to 3 parts of the crater: pampanga, zambales, tarlac)

What to Wear:
* Shirt: short or long sleeved
* Shorts, tights, leggings or anything comfortable and light.
* Trekking sandals/ rubber shoes (prepare to be wet/ no slippers)
* Sun protection : Cap, umbrella, sun block, warmer/sleeves, shades
(you might want to keep your hair under a hood/cap, unless you want to expose it through the rough ride on a 4×4 jeep in the midst of dusty lahar field)

Must Have:
– Water
– Packed lunch & Snacks
– Camera
– Personal medicines
– Umbrella/cap/sun block
– Waterproofed gadgets
– Extra clothes
– Fresh Eggs (try to boil it on the other side of the crater)

For More Information : Go to Event Page

Cheers to our Independence Day Group trekkers! See us in action here.

Picture Source : RL Bernardo

Can’t wait to get back on trail,

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Haven Hunter -Weekend Haven

  1. winter_gurl (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    Nice layout , how u create the layout?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

      Hi winter_gurl – I have a self-hosted blog, and I personalized the template Smile

  2. winter_gurl (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    Nice view and place , hope can visit there soon Smile

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

      @winter_gurl – thank you. will love to have you around. let me know if you are going to visit anytime soon. Smile Oh, btw, I tried to left a comment on your blog but I think commenting is closed.

  3. Tom Volpe (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    That looks absolutely stunning, I have to go there some time! Great tips too, thanks!

  4. winter_gurl (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    haven hunter- can u give me d link , i would like to visit . thanksSmile

  5. […] we ironed out the final details from budget to transportation and groupings. Check out our Mt. Pinatubo Itinerary here. In the end, we were able to list 18 […]

  6. carmela millan (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    hi there havenhunter! my finace’s mom and i would like to go on a day trip to pinatubo on august 4. theres just the 2 of us. are organizing a groupt tour again or if not, do you any group tours that we could join so our expenses will be minimized? i checked several agencies and they’re much too expensive for us. any tips and advises are highly appreciated. thanks very much!

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

      Hi Carmela,

      I’ll be glad to help, but unfortunately, we don’t have any plans for Mt. Pinatubo on August. Prices can be a little stiff if you join group tours by travel agents especially if you don’t meet the number requirements. If you can DIY, try to gather at least 5 people. You can fit into one 4×4, and from the tourism office, they can provide you with guide.

      Have fun!

  7. carmela millan (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    ERRATUM: are you organizing a group tour again or if not, do you know any group tours that we could join..

  8. Julio (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    Are there any trips to Mt. Pinatubo sometime in October? We are interested, maybe 3 of us more. Salamat- J

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

      Hi Julio, yes there are trips to Mt. Pinatubo crater on October. Please do contact their office before heading down though, heavy rains / flash floods prone the area during monsoon so its better to be safe.

  9. Au (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010


    I would like to inquire regarding trekking in Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Pulag this april..

    Mt. Pinatubo for a day trek on April 3. We will be starting from Pampanga for your information.

    Please let me know any possibilities on the said dates. And the itenaries.

    We are only 2 but we are considering to bring a company depends on the rates.

    Thanks a lot

  10. Novelyn L. Dayo (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    we are 15 people who will go to Mt. Pinatubo this may 14. please give us the cheapest price. please give us also your contact nos such as landline and mobile phone so we can get in touch with you. thank you very much. hoping for your response soonest

  11. ash (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    ask ko lang po contact no. nyo at e-mail address for some inquiries. salamat po. Smile

  12. ash (Reply) on Tuesday 25, 2010

    ask ko lang po contact no. nyo at e-mail address for some inquiries. salamat po. Smile kasi we are planning to have our pinatubo trek this coming june 4. we are a group of 4.pwede po bang maki join na lang kami don sa iba para umabot ng 10?

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