Today marks another milestone in Philippines Electoral system as this will be the first Automated Elections nationwide. More than 25 Million people voted for the presidential, legislative, and local positions.

We went out early to exercise our  right to vote. As always, the election is the most colorful and thrilling event in the country. Like a common fiesta.

Much to our chagrin, there are failures and delays on this new system which should have been anticipated by the COMELEC earlier. And there were those hard-headed Filipinos who just makes the whole process seemed to be so much complicated than that. I mean, its just a mere one day of your time to sacrifice for our better 6 years, why don’t you just shut the hell out and get in line and leave your complains at home.

Waiting time for most lasted for 2 hours and more. I get lucky that my precinct don’t have a line when I checked in, and finished the whole process in less than 30 minutes– from the gate to have my precinct number counter-checked on the list, to filling out my ballot, dreading if the PCOS machine will recognize my pick, to the application of indelible ink.

Here’s me, flashing you a finger. Do I look fresh in the midst of 36 degrees heat?

Now to wait here and see who caught the heart of the majority of Filipinos.

More photos at Weekend Haven FB Page.

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