My impartial guide to the Philippines Finest Luxury Resorts with top of the line amenities and highest standard of excellence.

Philippines is blessed with unspoiled paradise, best beaches and luxury vacation resorts. Savor the warmth of turquoise water, the unequaled exclusivity and an infinity pool right at your own balcony.

Being one of the world’s most sought after tourist destination this summer, Philippines pride itself with refreshing island getaway and ultimate luxury living.

Below is my random list of the Top 10 Luxury Resorts in the Philippines. Enjoy the good life.

1. AMAN Resorts : AMANPULO

Amanpulo is situated in one of the world’s most idyllic island locations on the staggeringly beautiful Pamalican Island in the Philippines. It is a private island, gifted with nature’s paradisaical treats: powder white beaches, clear turquoise-azure-indigo seas, cirrus-streaked cerulean skies, and a polychromatic coral reef only 300m from the shore.

Guests indulge in Amanpulo’s native style of dwellings with 40 casitas fashioned after a Philippine bahay kubo. The five Hillside Casitas offer magical sea views, the four Treetop Casitas embrace the trees while the 29 Beach Casitas have private overgrown paths that lead down to the soft white beach.

Rate starts at USD 700 ++

2. Buri Spa and Resort

Nestled in Batangas Channel inside Puerto Galera Bay, which was recently name one of 32 Most Beautiful Bays in the world by the Paris-based Club des Plus Belles Baies du Monde, Buri Resort & Spa has undergone a dramatic transformation since it first opened in 2001 with five simple cottages.

Experience the luxury of Buri Resort & Spa villas in Puerto Galera and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Buri’s architecture is a modern, yet charming take on the traditional Filipino Bahay Kubo. All the villas showcase a marriage between beautiful interiors and the lush outdoors.

Rate starts at Php 5,500 ++

3. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

An exclusive and serene beach hideaway where spoiling and pampering is the norm, Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa nestles amid 16 hectares of lush tropical gardens on Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines. This resort in Bohol is made up of 15 private villas and a superb spa, which is why it is the place for indulgent privacy and seclusion.

The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed with crisp, cool villas, breathtaking sea views and discrete but attentive staff. Feel the gentle sea breeze as you languish in your private whirlpool and plan where to have dinner; by the infinity pool, on the beach with a personal butler or in the privacy of your villa.

Rates start at USD 500++

4. Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa

Dramatically situated on a lush hillside within an eco-reserve, Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa is a spectacular Boracay resort offering sensational luxury and comfort to its discerning guests. Rich with sprawling grounds and secluded beaches this Boracay luxury resort also boasts an impressive variety of restaurants and leisure facilities, including a tranquil spa village.

Rate starts at Php 14,000 ++

5. Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

Discover a resort in a class of its own. Set in 11.4 hectares of secluded grounds yet only 30 minutes from Cebu City, Plantation Bay offers one of the largest privately-owned waterways in the world, with the clean elegance of colonial-plantation architecture. Decompress from life’s pressures in the healing tranquility of an environment that truly feels “away from it all”. If you have ever spent time at a tropical plantation, you know what we mean. If not, come and discover a refreshingly different Flavor of Life.

Feel like you’re at your own private estate. The rooms are a full 46 square meters, charmingly furnished with plantation-style furniture, oil paintings, and accessories; equipped with remote-control TV, mini-bar, electronic safe, and split-package air-conditioning.

Rate starts at USD 150++

6. Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

Discerning travellers in search of their next unexplored destination need to look no further than the Philippine Islands. With its white Santorini-inspired architecture on rolling terrain contrasted with the azure blue of the sky above and the clear water below, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa offers a fantastic experience unlike any other place in the Philippines and across South-East Asia.

Bellarocca Island is situated off the south west coast of the Marinduque province. Characterized by seaside cliffs, valleys, hills and sparsely dotted plains across this heart-shaped region, therein lies even more impressively hot springs, waterfalls and underwater flora and fauna. In addition to these, there are caves that await exploration by adventurous travelers. Many are yet to be fully investigated or documented.

Rates start at USD 400++

7. Boracay Grand Vista Resort & Spa

Grand Vista Boracay Resort & Spa is the newest private luxurious resort and spa at the famous white beach. Established early 2006 and fully operated June this year 2007.

The only and first Resort and Spa that has a private swimming pool in all 41 Suites, not only having a swimming in all rooms Grand Vista Boracay Resort and Spa has the biggest swimming pool in the Island.

Rates start at USD 120 ++

8. Antulang Beach Resort

Nestled 40 kilometers south of Dumaguete City, Philippines, ANTULANG BEACH RESORT is proud to be the first Philippine resort to offer private pool villas to guests.  Each of the  flagship accommodations comes with its own swimming pool (no plunge pools here), heated Jacuzzi and luxurious, spacious rooms all decked out in Canadian pinewood.

Suspended on ten sprawling hectares of sheer cliffs peppered with a kaleidoscope of bougainvillea blooms, swimming pools and premium rooms are positioned right at the cliffs’ edge, ensuring guests a commanding view of an endless sea, while winding staircases lead directly to a kilometer’s stretch of isolated white sand beach strewn with large, natural rock formations.  So on any given evening, let the gentle lapping of waves caressing boulders on the beach lull you to sweet, glorious slumber, and catch up on unhurried, leftover dreams of Antulang…

Rates start at USD 55++

9. Misibis Resort, Cagraray Island

Your Luxury Island Playground. Escape to Misibis Bay and surround yourself with the wonders of nature.

The resort is nestled in a lush tropical landscape, with mountainous jungles, perfectly shaped volcanoes, pristine beaches, and other awe-inspiring natural wonders on the Pacific Ocean. Come and experience the ultimate marriage of adventure and luxury.

Misibis Bay is located on Cagraray Island in Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol. From Legazpi City it’s a 30-minute trip by luxury fast water craft or an hour’s drive along the scenic coastline.

Rates start at USD 500++

10. El Nido Resorts

El Nido is located at the northwestern tip of the province of Palawan in the Philippines. It is considered as a showcase of Palawan’s geology and diverse wildlife. Its majestic limestone cliffs stand guard over clear waters, with hundreds of species of tropical fishes and corals, and three species of endangered sea turtles.

Lagen Island Resort is set in a cove, fringed by a thick primary forest. The sprawling grounds cover more than four hectares.

Miniloc Island Resort is also set in a cove with a backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs. Reminiscent of a coastal village, Miniloc’s quaint charm is enhanced by its crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fishes.

Rates at Lagen Island Resort start at Php 8,000++ while Miniloc Island Resort rates start at Php 4,500++

I know 10 won’t do justice to cover all the best getaway resorts in the Philippines. Maybe I’ll have another list before 2010 ends.

Lusting for another honeymoon getaway,

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  4. Carmen Araneta (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Thanks for that post. It’s so refreshing to see those pictures and be informed about great luxurious get-aways.

  5. AllSeasonHotel (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Thanks for sharing. Seeing those photos and information would actually make a lot of people want to visit those resorts.

  6. Badet (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Haaay, Antulang, my dream destination. =)

  7. flip (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    oh wow… looks really nice but very expensive…

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  10. ALDEN (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010


  11. […] will stay for a week and will check-in at the Misibis Bay, a luxury island resort located in Legazpi City, which is fast becoming a world-class eco-tourism […]

  12. Tanya Gemarin (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Top10 Luxury Resort..

    My Dream Destination
    Shangri-la Resort


    Tanya Gemarin

  13. fred (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    If there is a TOP 11 Luxury resort in the Philippines, Kalinaw Resort will be the 11th.
    Check our website :
    And same as Plantation bay, we are reconized by Conde Nast traveller Smile

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

      @fred – thanks for reading. nice resort! we’ll be in siargao soon, hope we have the time to check it out.

  14. Retchel Alunan (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Hello,Can you please Give me any contact information about EL NIDO & ANTULANG RESORT PLEASE?

    tHANK YOU,

  15. celina (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    its very nice resort..

  16. jonathan (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    ;;; makadaog ko og lotto dibah addtuan ko gid na bah ,,, ang uban naa sa likod sa ako n mansyon

  17. Aqua Rion (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Eskaya Resort is a nice place to unwind! I can see that….I wish I can go there with my familySmile

  18. Eskaya Resort (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Hi! Thanks much for this! We are so glad to be included in the top 10. Smile We hope more people will come and visit Eskaya Resort and enjoy the experience.

    For those who are interested, they may visit our website at

    Thanks again!

  19. weng (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    this is a getaway you will never forget

  20. Nyxa (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Very interesting and inspiring information!
    I think, this one could also get into the list…

    P.S. I’m not related in any way with The Farm.

  21. crazy sexy fun traveler (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Amazing places and photos!

  22. felix s.madanas (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010 mimiss ko na ulit ang amanpulo at elnido resorts ROTFL Smile

  23. G (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    You can find owners looking to rent their timeshares at some of these resorts at It’s a cheaper option to check out instead of just renting directly through the resorts.

  24. […] […]

  25. Just a cannuck traveller (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Try Amorita Resort-Bohol. We loved our stay there and it has great reviews here

  26. Jay Villarmia (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Thanks for Posting!!!Love it!

  27. mary jean (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Pico de loro Beach & Country Club-Hamilo Coast


    new condo unit fot rent!! JACANA A- beside country club

    1 double bed, 1 double deck bed & 2 mattresses


    —with kitchen, t.v., ac, cable, hot & cold shower etc.

    for further inquiries, please call 0935-7979636

    ————–amazing beach resort————————-

    Imagine the comforts and conveniences of a full-service country club, set amidst a breathtaking natural seaside environment.

    The Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club is the centerpiece amenity of the Pico de Loro Cove community. Elevate your usual resort experience with the distinctive exclusivity and privacy of a leisure club community.

    Read more:

  28. daron (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    In Bataan White Corals Beach Resort and Hotel.

    Grant the family an unforgettable reward this summer— a summer that serves up amazing for everybody! Bataan White Corals Beach Resort is the typical, family-friendly resort. It is serenely nestled between the hills of Morong, Bataan and the pristine water of the South China Sea.Enjoy spacious family-style suites and hotel accommodation with convenient features as brilliant and warm as the Bataan sun. Unwind by three pools: the salt water pool, fresh water pool and the kiddie’s pool. Unwind at the newly hotel building. Welcome the day with morning dew, stretch your day in the sun and experience relaxation at its fullest. Contact Details; 02-514-8921 / 02-514-8244 0928-5000801 0922-8865772 0922-8865773 0922-8522274 Email Address;

  29. Mitch (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    how come the Buri Resort is top 2, i think this is overated.

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

      hi mitch, thanks for reading. the list is random and i tried to fit in as many resort from all over the country. perhaps I’ll add up another long list that would give justice to philippine’s best beaches.

  30. Daryl (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Is Buri beach resort at par with the other resorts in the list? Im planning to go to Galera and ive seen the resort in the it really that good?? the price is way cheaper compared to the other resorts on the list..

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

      Hi Daryl, this is a random top 10 list, I try to list down hotels in as much different locations so you guys can check as much option Smile

  31. cam (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    do any of you know how much does it cost to have a wedding at shangri-la boaracay resort and spa? Thank you in advance.

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

      Hi Cam, I suggest you email Shangri-la Boracay. You can find the contact details from their site. They offer variety of wedding packages you can choose from.

  32. Angel V.Francisco (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    try MONTEMAR BEACH CLUB in Bagac, Bataan, only 2 1/2 hour by land transport away from Manila, they have the best beach in northern part of luzon island, very private and relaxing beach resort, ideally for couple & family outing,the best beach in the Philippines.

  33. Christopher (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    I was in Miniloc Island Resort and Lagen Island Reosrt for 4D/3N last summer (2012). It’s a nice place and the staff are very nice and friendly. Though it looks very expensive cause it almost $500.00 per night, but it is worthy up to the last centavo you paid.

    Try to visit this place, surely you will enjoy your stay Smile

  34. Gee (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    This post is really cool. I’ve been to Antulang it is such a great place. I’m sharing here a link of our photos at Antulang

  35. Elal Jane Lasola (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    My Korean friend asked me for possible honeymoon destinations and found your site. Incredibly gorgeous places in the list! I’m proud to see Antulang in the list. Haha Proud Negrense. Smile

  36. Resyl Paulino (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    How could Antulang resort be part of the top10. I’m here right now and their cabana literally looks like a driver’s quarter. So disappointed.

  37. Arthur Lee (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Antulang, luxury resort? Do you have any standards? It is an ordinary resort with no facilities to boast. Nothing to do there. Not worth the money. I will never go back there even for free. Disappointing trip.

  38. Coco Beach (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    I agree, antulang should be remove from the list. There are other luxury resort out
    there that deserves the spot.

  39. Sashi (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Wow! thanks for the list! How I wish I could go visit these places..
    Yung Bellaroco, grabe ung $$ hahaha sumakit ung batok ko nung nakita ko ung rates sa site nila. LOLs!

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

      Hi Sashi,

      yup pretty expensive, but if you are looking for some ultimate r&r and have some cash to spare then it will be worth it Smile

  40. rodg (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Antulang is nice but not luxurious enough to get on the lists… tsk tsk… remove remove. Deception this is.

  41. Andy Bel (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    When we go home will those places….

  42. (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

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    having web browser compatibility issues. When I take a look at your blog in Safari,
    it looks fine however when opening in IE, it has some overlapping issues.
    I merely wanted to provide you with a quick heads up!

    Apart from that, great website!

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    Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest authoring a blog
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  45. marc cabs (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    I have met a caucasian traveller in palawan and shared to me a very special place. Man, this guy has travelled to places and resorts…he is a “professional tourist” and a beach bum. He told me that this will surely dwarf Boracay, maldives and other tourist destination once the word will spread out. It has the best white sand…the best waters…the best dive spot. Its clean, undisturbed, and truly an island experience. Although going there is a challenge but he told me everything will pay off once you’re able to dip in its waters and enjoy scene….So I got interested and asked him what the place was…..He answered…SPRATLEY’s island…he smiled..Told me it will be “the next big thing!”

  46. Bridgett (Reply) on Wednesday 14, 2010

    Afterr going over a number of the blog articles oon your
    web site, I honestly like your way of writing a blog.
    I book-marked it too my bookmark site list and
    will bbe checking back soon. Please visit my web site as well
    and let me know what you think.

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