Twenty years ago, traveling seemed only affordable for the upper class community. Good thing there were bunch of low-cost airlines branching out everywhere. Who wouldn’t love seat sale?

My first plane ride was in 2006 when I scored a discounted tickets to Bohol. It was at the height of my budget weekends, with my climbing buddies and my special someone.

If you’re on the hunt for affordable airfares to almost anywhere in the Philippines and Asia, try checking out Cebu Pacific Seat Sales now. They offer 70% off in domestic and International destination only until April 2, 2010. I did managed to grab a seat for 2011 with the lowest fare to Puerto Princessa and Siargao.

Now, that will kick off our travel adventure for 2011. We’ve got plenty of months to save and lay out our itinerary.

This year though, we got a bunch of budget thrills lined up. Our major backpacking trip will happen in June, where I got my hands on our cheapest tickets to Jakarta. P544, round trip airfare for two. Yes, you read it right only about US $11.

Next in line is our Bangkok Travel for only P1,200, round trip airfare per person.

Of course, this don’t happen everyday. All our travels were properly planned and timed. Getting an airfare months before let us consider our savings option. Good thing, all odds are with us, I got plenty of projects to do and things are falling into places. I have been blessed with wonderful people around me. And there He is watching over us.

So back to our budget travel, here’s a few tips on how you can save up and get the extra coins to buy you more souvenirs:

1. Plan, plan, plan. – We get our tickets as far as one-year in advance. Crazy. No, its just that I buy them when it is incredibly low. Whenever we missed out the flight, I wouldn’t be sulking to death, but happy to give it away, because anyways, it don’t cost that much. And oh, btw, it helps to watch out for big ticket sale!

2. Save those bags. Grab that option to go light. No check in baggage, no hassle, and it will costs you less.

3. Do it Yourself. Seriously, its better to do things on your own. We’re not a fan of group tours that confine us to a certain area at a limited time. Being on foot, getting lost is something valuable to appreciate our trip more.

4. Travel with friends. While some people like to travel solo, its good that you have your friends around. When you’re short on budget, its best to share accommodation or hotel room, and get huge discount on group entrances.

5. Get a part time Job. This I’ll have to discuss on my next posts. Getting a credit card isn’t enough, you have to be responsible and be able to finance those vacations you avail. I’ll let you in my saving scheme secrets soon. =)

That’s just a few guide to our budget travels.

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