An Invitation to Join NORTHERN ESCAPE 2010!

A Budget Trip to:  Laoag – Ilocos – Pagudpud – Vigan

Date: April 30, 2010 – May 4, 2010

3 Days Itinerary:

April 30, 2010

2200H meeting/assembly time Shell, Ayala cor Edsa
0700H ETA Vigan

Day 1/ May 01, 2010
Food Inclusion (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

•    Quirino Bridge in Bantay
•    St. Augustine Church and Bell Tower
•    St. Paul Cathedral
•    Calle Crisologo (Old Houses Vigan)
•    Marcos Mausoleum
•    Batac Empanada
•    Paoay Church
•    Malacanan of the North
•    Fort Ilocandia
•    Sinking Bell Tower, Laoag
•    Vintar Ilocos Norte

Day 2 / May 02, 2010
Food Inclusion ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )

•    Bangui Windmills
•    Ilocos – Cagayan Boundary Canopy
•    Paraiso ni Anton
•    Patapat Viaduct
•    Maira-ira Cove (Blue Lagoon) -Lunch
•    Kapurpurawan rock
•    Burgos Lighthouse
•    Pasuquin Bakery (Maker of Biscocho)

Day 3 / May 03, 2010
Food Inclusion (Breakfast)

•    Badoc – Juan Luna Shrine
•    Chavit Singson’s Baluarte
•    Fr. Jose Burgos Museum
•    Pagburnayan (Vigan Jar Factory)
•    Crisologo Museum
•    Marcia’s Royal Bibingka

ETD Vigan: May 3, 3PM
ETA Manila: May 4, 12MN

Budget / Expense : P3,500 / person
Inclusions : Food, Van Rental, Accommodation, Entrance/Misc Fees

To Bring:

Camera with (batteries & memory cards Smile
Small pillow to make yourself comfortable during the whole trip.

Van is airconditioned FB L300, fronting seats (jeep style), so you might want to bring advil or bonamine, if you get easily nauseated from long travels.

No. of Guests : Max 15 / open to everyone

For more information, visit Facebook Event or drop me a message.

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Haven Hunter -Weekend Haven

  1. SpicyMother (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    The trip quite affordable for me. Got any photos of the tourist attractions or not?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      @SpicyMother – thanks for dropping by. I’ll post some photos at the facebook event wall. You can check it out later Smile

  2. toni_rose (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    hi! very interested!!! yan na ba ung amount or possible pa na tumaas? thanks!!!

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      hi toni_rose, yan na yung total amount. You’re welcome to join us Smile

  3. toni_rose (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    thank you… pls email me na lang ng details… bawal kasi fb dito sa office… hehehe. thank you ulit

  4. chelle (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    may slots pa ba for this trip?thanks…. pano ung mode of payment? please email me.thanks.

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      Hi Chelle, yes meron pang slots. I’ll email you Smile

  5. Mr. Havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    Ilan na ba sure na kasama?

  6. Andy (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    Hi! may available slots pa po ba?? please email me. Thanks

  7. toni_rose (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    hi! any updates?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      @toni_rose – i just updated the itinerary with the changes. Smile

  8. tsina (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    I hope I could join next time. Smile

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  11. kenn (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    Hi! I’d like to ask re: the next scheduled dates for the northern escapade. I’m interested in joining.

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      @kenn – thanks for dropping by ken. Unfortunately, we don’t have any scheduled trip to the North at the near future. Maybe on Summer 2011 again. You can use our itinerary though if you plan to go with your friends/family and I can provide you with contact number of vehicle to rent/guide from there.

  12. my melody (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010


    I will be going to Laoag this July and I’m going to follow your itinerary Smile Were you able to go to all the places you wanted to visit or are there any more additional places you would have wanted to add but didn’t because of the time constraint? I hope you could email me back Smile Thanks!

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      Hi Melody,

      Thanks for dropping by. Smile We were able to visit all except that Crisologo Museum was closed when we stopped by at Vigan. We also added Sarrat Church on our 3rd day.

      We could probably add a trek to the falls, kaibigan falls/ kaangrian falls, but due to time constraint we didn’t include it on the list. And we were also considering if everyone can join since some aren’t fit for the 2 hours trek.

      Happy to Help,


  13. mcm (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    hi, the price still the same?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      Hi MCM,

      As much as we’d like to do Northern Escape again, we don’t have the luxury to plan one soon. I think there are a lot of tour groups out there who can help you out. Have fun in Norte! Smile

  14. Hershey (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

    Hi, can you send me your contact of your vehicles hire and where did you stay?

    • havenhunter (Reply) on Thursday 8, 2010

      Hi Hershey, the vehicle we rented out as well as the accommodation was generously provided by our relatives. But there are similar alternative cheap accommodations in Ilocos. I don’t have a list now though, but I hope you find other information here helpful. Smile

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