Blessed is the season which engages the whole world
in a conspiracy of love.

– Hamilton Wright Mabie

With its close proximity to Manila, Tagaytay is a sanctuary that comes to mind when celebrating a romantic evening.

The cold weather, the warmth of Taal view, the best places to eat and a day without stress is something we prefer to  sooth our mind and soul.

To celebrate our 6th month wedding bliss, we headed to Tagaytay to getaway from the urban jungle that is Manila. A week prior, we called Sonya’s Garden to reserve and use the free voucher we got from our wedding and yey, we’ll be gone for the weekend!

Our car is of no use, so we opted to travel by public transport. From Pasay, Rotonda, we took the Golden Dragon Bus bound to Nasugbu. The air-conditioned bus is quite impressive, still new, I can tell from the smell and the plastic covered seats. It made the almost two-hours bus trip comfortable enough to steal a few z’s.

Our itinerary for the day includes a breakfast at Bag of Beans. A great jump start to our lazy holiday. We were dropped off in front of the restaurant / bakery.

The breakfast as usual was mouthwatering and the ambiance is perfect for a couple’s getaway. We were entertained by the resident talking mynah bird, asking if we’ve already eaten, “Kumain ka na?”, in three different human tones. It was hilarious.

We continued our journey towards Sonya’s Garden Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast. We waited for a jeepney bound to Alfonso and went down to Bgy. Buck Estate. Beyond the highway arc, tricycles are waiting for passengers to transport inside the small town.

We settled with the first one to take us to this hidden paradise. Sunflowers bound the area as we came nearer. The scent of flowers and freshly baked bread greeted us.

Sonya’s Garden is just what I remembered, charming and beautiful. The rustic Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast cottages are secretly tucked in the gentle rolling hills of Tagaytay. A secret no more, and a haven for many.

Sonya’s Garden is an inspiration of gorgeous view, beautiful flowers, and serene environment. The cottages are relaxing without the distraction of a city life, traces of television or an ipod dock. Perfect for a cozy evening and a night of cuddling.

We were ushered to our room. The beds are inviting, soft and grand. Screened windows paneled through every wall, making the room breezy. The furniture are vintage and has a feel of country elegance to it. The room is spacious for only the two of us. It can fit a family of four comfortably. The restroom is rustic and zen like, using pebbles as alternative to tiles. It makes me a little uncomfortable though with so much screened window and only thin curtains that left a little privacy to the room.

This wellness sanctuary is perfect to master “the art of doing nothing”. We spent our afternoon for a bit of pampering and treatment at the Sonya’s Spa Garden and availed their spa & massage service. It’s way beyond relaxation.

Sonya's Garden Spa

It rained in the afternoon, the sweet smell blanket the property. By the time we’re finished, the rain stopped and left the pathway damp.  We checked out the souvenir shop and bought some Ilog ni Maria products. It’s organic and smelled really good. They supply it as compliments in every room.

We continued our siesta until one of the staff called us for dinner.

There were another couple on the restaurant, our table was set on the far end.  Nearby is a forest so I was thankful when the staff gave us a citronella mosquito repellent. The dark night were graced by occasional fireflies, we were told it is mating season, but the rain kept them from giving a show.

We were serenaded with kundiman songs as we indulged in  a divine dinner. A light drizzle made the evening colder.

There’s nothing much to do so we call it a night early. The sound of beetles and birds was such a nice lullaby.

The following day, we had our breakfast, and was surprised by the number of guests present at the restaurant. The english-style ambiance, mismatched old, wooden chairs and elegant dining were so welcoming.

After yet another heavenly breakfast, we wander around the vicinity once more for photo ops. We also visited Panaderia to bring home some breads. We caught Filipina Actress, Judy Ann Santos buying some breads too. How often do you get to see celebrities?

As much as we wanted to dwell in this place forever, we needed to get back to the city…

but we’ll keep coming back to Sonya’s Garden.

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