I have a confession. I’m an addict. A coffee addict.

Yes, I can have my coffee anytime of the day, hot coffee on a hot summer day anyone? There was a point, where I consumed at least 5 cups a day. I’m not kidding, it’s the least I can get too, having one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks and in between.

And of course, I eventually felt the result of it that even two sips of light coffee mix makes my stomach upset. For about 2 years, I completely took it out on my diet.

But then I’m back again. Oh, how I missed my coffee. Except now, I prefer my coffee to be nearly black, less sugar or just honey and no creamer. I limit myself to a max of 2 cups a day, my morning and night dose at that. Well, it just completes my day, a mindset that I can go through a rough work and not be sleepy all day.

When outside, hubby and I indulged a bit to my addiction. I lure him off to get me my brands of coffee, yes, as you noticed its plural. Brands of coffee. Anything that’s different to my usual coffee treat. Two stores top our list, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Starbucks.

Just last week, after our Holy Week Reflections at the WalkWay in Bonifacio High Street, I asked hubby that we dropped by Starbucks to get my strong dose of coffee. Can’t help it, I needed one to get me going until the wee hours of the morning to finish off my work.

While waiting for our orders, I checked over the flyers available on the corner and found this one interesting:

FREE Grounds for Your Garden
Complement your Garden with our Complimentary Coffee Grounds

Now, that’s a great way to help the environment and making our world greener. I don’t have a green thumb though, although my mother and mom-in-law can use this for their plants.

Here’s a great tip I found on it:

~Coffee grounds can provide a valuable source of nutrition for your garden if used properly. It is high in nitrogen, but are also acidic.

~Coffee grounds can be applied directly in the garden along with other materials as a side dressing for vegetables, roses, and other plants.

~They make an excellent addition to your compost.

~Worms fed with coffee grounds combined with other materials will flourish.

Ask your local barista for details =)

Oh, about the coffee, I’m widely awake until 7 in the morning. I’ve finished my work at four and spent hours in reading “Twilight” to make myself sleepy but to no avail, I have to dug my head deeper into my pillow to force myself to sleep.

So much for a strong coffee.