Do you know someone who inspire you to be better everyday. A woman loved by everyone who surround her. A woman who touched lives in her own little way.

I do. Her never-ending love, her constant helping hand  and the warmth of her care are just some things we always remember at the mention of her name.

She raised her children well, sometimes I could see my husband in her, both innately generous in every way.

She is a woman of strength and I couldn’t even imagine myself standing up to her feet with all the struggles she had been through. She’s has the most noble job, a teacher and the most fulfilling career, a mother.

A teacher to many, a charming lola to her grandchildren,

My second mother and a supermom to Ferdie & Dang…

Nay,  We love you and we will always be grateful for your everlasting love.

Happy 63rd Birthday!

**Photo from Edwin Allan Riguer