Our stressed out soul longed for visual thrills and weekend frenzy. You can tell our inner nature seeker selves just got happy from this befitting adventure.

Day 2 of Bulacan Ultimate Weekend Challenge


Mt Manalmon Campsite & Peak

Our morning started out late. I guess the only one who made it to the peak at the crack of dawn was Rob who missed out our socials the previous night.

I got up at 7 and noticed that the other group was already preparing breakfast while most on my troupe were still dreaming. Bong and Rob decided to go down and fetch some water.

We all crammed up for Pork Adobo, Salted Egg with chopped tomatoes and Scrambled Egg with Mushroom for breakfast. To top it all, a warm coffee to start our day.

Someone’s missing and catching up some more zzz’s. Can you guess who?

Manalmon Travel Guide

After the delightful feast, we busy ourselves with cleaning up and preparing to break camp. Our Mt. Manalmon assault isn’t complete without a hike to the peak. We got crazy over group photos and jump shots taken with the amazing bird’s eye view of Bulacan province as backdrop.

We were more thrilled when Super Bong aka Guide Extremist, did jump and climb to the other rock summit.

As much as we want to stay longer for more photo session, we were running out of time. We did a last group photo and offered a prayer for safety before vacating the campsite. Time check: 11 AM.

Descending requires less effort. We made a few stop and rest. Everyone seemed excited with the next activity. We headed down to Madlum Training Center to drop our bags.

Monkey Bridge - Madlum River

We while away the time by resting and getting ready for another challenge. Then, we’re off to the monkey bridge. The challenge seemed easy from the looks of those little kids jumping over and over again off those cable wires down to the deep river. You can’t see fear on their faces, yet they were full of excitement and happiness. On my second try, the nerve-racking feel won’t go away. I bet the rest were haunted by fear too. Then again, peer pressure was more powerful. It’s still worth another million try though, with much zest every time.

We then proceed to trek the steep trail up to Bayukbok Caves. The sizzling weather can’t take our spirits down and we’re ready to conquer our fears. Our spelunking was a test of endurance and brave heart. Climbing up a ladder, bouldering, striding from one cliff to another, and most of the time struggling, crawling and stretching out to fit ourselves through the chambers.

Bayukbok Caves, San Miguel, Bulacan

Bayukbok Caves showcase beautiful limestone formation dating hundred years. Awesome Stalactites and stalagmites at the Men’s Room aka Sensational Room kept Toni and the girls giddy.

Ada may have faced her greatest fear, but conquered it with much motivation from everyone. Bong did caught our attention when he jumped out of the cliff and back. It was a dangerous act that only our super guide can do.

Back at the training center, we had a super late lunch. Pork Sinigang and Fried Tilapia for Lunch ala Dinner.

Rafting at Madlum River

We had a quick dip at the river before packing up for home.

Photo Credits:

Ferdie Teves
Jeneth Gile
Valerie Teves

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Muchas Gracias to everyone!

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