My new passport is here. Yay, time to rock the world!

I applied for my new passport in DFA last Nov. 27 for change status / last name and just hired 2Go Courier Service to claim it on my behalf and be delivered at our place. Talking about convenience.

We completed the Application process in DFA Manila in less than 3 hours, getting in as early as 7 AM. Good thing husband is with me and we were able to pass through Courtesy Lane. Total damage cost P1,200 for the e-passport and P99 for the courier service.

Philippine Passport Renewal

Some noticeable difference is that the old passport is green, while the new one is maroon. Although, I’d really like it to be black. There is a microchip embedded in the cover, I guess for machine scanning. So, I’d be extra careful then not to bend it over during our trips.

You can still get the ordinary passport which is less expensive. Although, rumor has it that the use of old passports will be terminated by 2010.

Check out the Department of Foreign Affairs website for Application requirements. Avoid the long queue by making an appointment at the Consular Services. Appointments for Renewal of Machine Readable Passport & E-passport are offered at DFA Website.

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