Few months ago, I decided to made a gradual change towards living green. Most of my family and friends knew I don’t like veggies and milk. I still do until this day, I’m so bad. I hope change comes my way soon. But aside from my daily fix of almost black coffee (I took the liberty  of removing the creamer and less sugar to my usual cup), I increased my water intake to help my body fight the toxins I consume. What’s more is I have already developed a love for tea. Was it a major change? I still remember my fb status by the time I started drinking my first cup, it tasted really awful. But I did passed that stage, and now I’m loving green mint tea and its benefits. I’d love to discuss it next time here.

Yesterday marked a milestone too. I have been researching for a while now on the essential uses and benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and finally got the time to try it.

I have three reasons to add it to my beauty regimen and I’m sure you’re dying to know.

1. Use it as Hair Treatment and Conditioner

In our poor economic condition and country’s recession, our hair must not suffer. Lifeless and dull hair is a result of stress and aging. It isn’t a secret anymore that Indian and Polynesian women has the most beautiful long, thick and shiny black hair. And it is because of the coconut oil that they religiously apply.

Branded shampoos and conditioners usually has strong elements that strips the natural oil off our scalp and hair. But with Virgin Coconut Oil’s natural fatty acids, it nourishes our scalp and strengthens the root to tip of the hair strand.

To apply,  set aside a good amount of oil for your scalp and hair.  Heat it but do not microwave. You can also put it in a bottle and let it soak for awhile in a hot water. Massage your scalp with the oil for 20-30 minutes. Use a shower cap to leave it overnight then rinse with mild shampoo in the morning. Do this regimen weekly or twice a week for better result.

2. Mix it with Coffee or Tea

Virgin Coconut Oil has been proven to cure a lot of illnesses and diseases. It is a source of Vitamin E, lauric acid and good fats. Now it comes in Natural unflavored, Sweet Corn, Jackfruit and Banana flavored variants. To start you off with this healthy option, mix one tablespoon of  virgin coconut oil to your usual mix of coffee, tea or other drinks. As your body get acquainted with the taste you can increase the mixture up to 3 tablespoon. I tried it last night with my tea, drank 2 cups + one tablespoon of VCO. It is barely noticeable in my cup but the strong oil smell is there. I’ll get the hang of it sooner, and just thinking of the great benefits it could bring on my body, I won’t argue anymore. Best alternative to milk and vitamins. It improves your immune system and increase your metabolism too.

3. Use it as Moisturizer

Compared to branded beauty products, this one takes the cake. Achieve a glowing, supple and healthy skin by using Virgin Coconut oil as moisturizer. It is known to remove stretchmarks, whitens underarm, a good make-up remover and heals various skin diseases. For best result, leave it on your skin overnight.

I am excited to see what changes it will bring to my body. Will update you all and I’d like to hear any testimonials from you too. Let me know.