Something Old,
Something New,
Something Borrowed,
Something Blue

Legend has it that couples married on the month of June will live a blissful life ever after. No wonder it is a popular month for weddings.

Planning my own wedding last year had put me through some rough and exciting times. I did not became a June Bride nor did my dream of becoming an 888 Bride happen, nevertheless,  it was a beautiful celebration on a cold month of December.

I find some wedding tradition and customs not appropriate to me and my husband’s personality but the quote above is an exception. Somehow, I got pretty excited preparing for it. So let’s see if I can help you rock your wedding day.

Something Old symbolizes something that is being passed down to the bride. It is usually in a form of an heirloom that is being given by the bride’s family or her future husband’s family.

Something Old Dress     Wedding Flowers

It can be a hand me down wedding gown from the bride’s mother. Vintage and eco-friendly theme is so hot right now and with a number of good couturiers around, alteration will not be a problem at all.

Another fab idea is to add flair to the bride’s bouquet by pinning an heirloom brooch.

Something New symbolizes a start of fresh life ahead. It can be anything unique that the bride had recently acquired.

Wedding Dress   House Keys

New wedding dress and wedding bands can represent something new. I took my wedding dress a bit further by getting my petticoat colored in hot pink. It looked amazing when it peek through everytime I lift my dress up.

Another great idea is to hang up the key of the couple’s new house to the bride’s bouquet.

Something Borrowed

A thing or two that a bride loaned from a friend or family. It is a belief that a good fortune in marriage shall be shared with a new bride.

Ivanka Trump Diamond Collection

Diamond is forever and a timeless piece like your grandma’s collection is a perfect touch to any wedding gown.

Jennifer Behr Collection

Jennifer Behr Collection

A friend of yours has the most gorgeous headpiece you have ever seen and she’s even willing to lend it to you. What do you say but it’s a perfect wedding gift and a cost-effective way to save too.

Something Blue

Blue symbolizes love, modesty and fidelity. As the bride walks in a full purity with a white wedding dress, she should also carry on something blue.


Gorgeous Shoes by Christian Louboutin | Blue Rose Bouquet by | Soft Blue Bejeweled Bride Garter from | Hanky Panky Bride Panties

Something Blue needs no further explanation as the possibilities and ideas are endless. A bride can wear a stunning shoes or a blue studded garter. A touch of blue on her bouquet is fit for an elegant turquoise or tiffany color motif.

Did you find something that caught your interest today? Why not share it here so other brides can take ideas too. And remember that no matter how simple or how luxurious your wedding plan is, the bride always looks incredibly beautiful on her special day. That’s magic.