My Solo Journey in Singapore was invigorating yet exhausting. It is bound to be more exciting though as Minnie and Christine arrived on the 3rd day.

3rd Day – Kids play at Vivo City & Sentosa Island

I woke up late as usual. My legs still numbed from the long walk I had the previous day. I pushed myself to get ready and make room for my friends arrival. They were fetch by Christine’s cousin, Rose at Changi Airport. Minnie arrived via Singapore Air while Christine came in via Philippine Airlines.

They made it to Azalea Park by 1 PM where they met Mr. R & Mrs. C. They too were excited to dip in the pool when they glanced over from the glass window.

We can’t wait to paint the town and rock Singapura, so off we go for a power lunch to start the day. After a sumptuous feast, we headed to Vivo City. From Outram Park we changed lane going to Harbour Front MRT  Station. We went inside the Mall and off to Vivo City Lobby to purchase tickets for Sentosa Express.

Vivo City to Sentosa Island

Sentosa Express is just one of the many choices to get to Sentosa Island. It is a monorail ride and perhaps the fastest way to get to the island. Ticket priced at S$3 per person per day for the 2-way express ride and admission to Sentosa.

At half passed 4, we were on our way to Sentosa Island. The short ride delighted us with lush greenery and awesome coastal view. We were transported to Imbiah Station where a  soaring Merlion greeted us.

Access to Merlion mouth gives one a 360 degrees panoramic view of surrounding islands. I bet its best to go there at night to witness a spectacular show of lights and gleaming Singapore Skyline.

We pass through a suspension bridge where a wonderful cascading waterfalls welcomed us. We later learned that the lush greenery leads to a detour to Mount Imbiah.

Sentosa Merlion Walk

The Merlion Walk is equally charming, where a luring wave water pool flows endlessly in  a decorated colorful tiles of sea dragons and mermaids.  Towards the end is an intricate tower of Carillon Bells. Sunset is fast approaching as we went further down to the beach station.

We wander to where our feet will take us or rather where the tram would make a stop. In this instance, we went down to Palawan Beach. It’s a tropical haven of white sandy beach stretch. One can choose from a number of recreational activities, from beach volleyball, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports. Our senses were filled with nature’s warmth and the refreshing sea breeze cooled us deep inside.

Singapore Sentosa - Palawan Beach

We travel across the hanging bridge to get to a lush islet. Its theme might be an island paradise where one can find a nook to watch the sunset either on the boardwalk or along the beachfront.

We searched for a secluded spot to lounge and eat the snacks we brought in. The Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs were yummy as well as the authentic Singaporean street food on sticks.

We continued our stroll and spotted the Songs of the Sea concert area. We agreed to buy our tickets for the night’s show. To while away the time, we challenged ourselves with the Skyride. Me and Minnie are not a fan though. We both have fear of heights and the thrilling experience of an open-air cable chairlift almost gave us a heart attack. Thank God were still alive. For most of the long journey high above the ground I kept my eyes shut. Fortunately, I was able to take some photos and glanced at the stunning sunset before its too late.

The Luge takes the cake! It was fun and we all love it. Like a kid with our own go-kart / toboggan, we raced and owned the racetrack.

It was getting dark and we hop in at the tram going to Siloso Beach. We don’t have enough time to stroll though as we need to get back and grab a good seat for Songs of the Sea.

Christmas at Sentosa | Siloso Beach |Skyride & Luge | Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea is a combination of dramatic pyrotechnic effects and water extravaganza that won Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement for Event Spectacular and ASEANTA Award for Best ASEAN New Tourist Attraction both in 2008. I have never seen anything like it before, so I think its a must see for kids and adults alike. Be ready for jaw-dropping laser show, flame bursts & water jets. The expensive entrance fee is worth it and the show puts a perfect end to our day trip in Sentosa.

We crammed to catch the Sentosa Express back to Vivo City.

The view from the rooftop was amazing. A huge Christmas Tree is set up, dazzling with hundreds of lights.

Christmas at Vivo City

We had our photo ops before calling it a night.

4th Day –  Farewell to Singapore, Hello Manila!

My last day in Singapore. Yay!

We made a stop by the swimming pool and grab the chance for photo ops. The blue water is inviting but we need to get on foot or I’ll be late with my flight later.

Of course my Singapore tour wouldn’t end without the usual tourist pose at the most popular Singapore attraction:  Merlion Park. We went down at Raffles Place MRT station to walk around One Fullerton. The midday sun is scorching hot and its quite a maze to find what we were looking for. We made it to downtown Marina Bay where we were enthralled with the unique ambience of waterfront promenade. Singapore River flows in at this artificial bay. The apparent development on the bayfront is visible with a good line up of fine dining restaurants and cruise terminal for ducktours and river cruises.

Marina Bay | Merlion Park | Esplanade | Grandstand & The Float | Singapore Flyer

Further ahead, we finally reached Merlion Park. There is a viewing deck stretch through Singapore River that offers superior panoramic sight of the massive Esplanade Theatres on The Bay, Singapore Flyer, the Float and grandstand, and towering Singapore skyline backdrop.

Merlion is a hybrid of lion and fish and known to the world as Singapore’s Icon. It represents the early beginnings of Singapore as a fishing village.

We went back to the condo after our quick lunch.

Much as I want to extend my stay in this beautiful city, I need to get ready to rock Manila.

Thanks so much to Kuya Robert and Ate Cindy for the hospitality. Hugs goes out to Minnie, Christine & Rose for spicing up my Singapore Adventure =)

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