Day 3 Kissing goodbye to the beautiful island of Panglao

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It was our last day to frolic under the sun and enjoy the white sand of Panglao Island. So we get up early, taking advantage of the perfectly manicured beach just in front of our cottage. Walking further, starfishes brightened up my morning. I couldn’t help but collect seashells for a little souvenir.

Alona Beach | Bohol Divers Resort | Panglao Island

Alona Beach is nostalgically attractive and the landscape of azure coast made us felt so blessed. Colorful dreamboats on a picturesque ocean frame, or was I dreaming?

Our morning walk somehow reminded me of Fort Ilocandia beachfront. It brings serenity and peace within me. Or maybe it was just because I was walking with the same person all along. We have differences but we love doing the same things. We argue, but we’re ready to compromise. We’re loving the perfectly imperfect in our relationship. Who would have thought that two years after, we’ll tie the knot?

Alright, getting melodramatic for a moment there and snapping back to reality, the sun gently warms up our day. We prepared breakfast and sit by the porch, contemplating on leaving. It was a scene I wouldn’t want to end yet. But all good things, come to an end as they say. So we finished off our coffee and pack for our next destination.

Bohol Philippines

I’m lovi’n our accommodation at Bohol Divers Resort. The beach front cottage, green lawn, swimming pool and the friendly crew. These made up for a great vacation. I wish we could stay longer.

For a rough ride to Tagbilaran where we will spend the night, we rented a tricycle for a transport. Our driver was clever to ask if we had gone to Bohol Bee Farm already. It was on the way and we might as well drop in and see what everyone’s raving about. A good suggestion, kudos to our driver. We were given a tour of this lush green and hidden sanctuary from the interesting organic farm to beekeeping to sampling the delicious organic spreads… yum.

Bohol Bee Farm | Tagbilaran City

Off we go to Tagbilaran City. We settled at NISA Travellers Inn after comparing hotel rates. We got the room really cheap, sans the comfortable and cozy linens. It was a perfect choice for budget travelers. Although, the interior needs a little fixing. The hotel seems old and gloomy, which kind of make it creepy specially at the shared bathroom. Thankfully it was just a night.

After dropping of our things to our assigned room, we wander around town and gone to the church, market, mall and plaza. We bought our peanut kisses for pasalubong and shop for some souvenir shirts. One thing that amazes me during our visit is that, at 3:00 PM, everyone at the mall stopped and listened to the 3’o clock prayer habit.

It was a pleasant afternoon and we whiled away the time at the plaza. The local park has crazy doves and pigeons ready to play. We feed them with popcorns and they love it. Oh, we’re crazier, right?

Back to our room early to repack and prepare for an early flight.

We hailed a tricycle to take us to Tagbilaran Airport for our 6 AM flight to Manila. Home sweet home.

cebu pacific flight tagbilaran airport

Our journey to Bohol is one for the books. It made me proud that I live in this country and that Bohol is something to be proud of. From the starfishes to Philippine Tarsiers to the beautiful beaches and the rich natural treasures, Chocolate Hills and old churches. We haven’t seen everything yet.  We were travelers and on tourist foot. This town has more to offer and it is worthy to keep coming back and discover more.  See you again…


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